Yamaha/ITP Quadcross Series Round 5      Glen Helen Raceway, Devore, CA            7/11/10
      Round five of the 2010 Yamaha/ITP Quadcross series was held at Glen Helen Raceway.  The temps were mild for July and stayed in the low 90’s throughout the day.  The track layout was much different than our previous visit and had all the pros happy to have a much more technical track than in the past.  Most of the layout followed what was used for the USGP a little over a month ago making for some fun new sections.  The race day started with a lap of honor for our lost friend and competitor Casey Johnson, it was an impressive site to see as every quad at the track made a slow lap in a single file line that stretched quite far to pay our respects.
      Moto 1:  My #94 YFZ 450R pulled hard down the long start straight and got me to the Talladega first turn with an easy holeshot.  Justin Noss and Beau Baron immediately battled for 2nd with Baron taking it on the outside of turn 3.  Out front with clear sailing I was able to put in clean, fast laps and open up a gap over Baron.  The technical track separated the riders quickly, each rider seemed to be in their own space.  Jason Dunkleberger worked his way from 6th to 4th but other than that there was almost no passing.  When we reached the finish, I took the win followed by Baron, Noss, Dunk and Jason Fife.
      Moto 2:  Baron and I drag raced all the way down the long start straight but my inside line helped to get me the GYTR/Yamalube $250 holeshot award.  About 20ft after that things started to go wrong for me.  There was a table top just out of the first turn and leading into it my bike bogged badly then regained power and surprised me.  I over jumped the landing and dropped to 4th as I went wide in the following corner trying to collect myself.  Baron took the lead with Dunk 2nd and Noss 3rd.  My bike came to a stop losing all electrical power about halfway around the first lap, we replaced the fuse and I was able to do a few laps before the it shorted out again and sent me to the sidelines waiting for the checkers.  With my issues, Baron looked to be headed for a win, but he also had his own problems on the first lap with a cut right rear tire.  As Baron pulled off to change a tire, Dunk took the lead with Noss 2nd and Fife in 3rd.  Baron would rejoin the race but lost a lap while changing his flat tire.  The rest of the moto the positions stayed the same and at the checkers Dunk took the win with Noss 2nd, Fife 3rd, Reed Petchnick 4th and James Rossi 5th.
      Round five of the Yamaha/ITP Quadcross series was a tough one.  We lost a race that looked to be in our hands.  I was also a little lucky that my closest competitor in the points had a rough day as well.  I’m definitely looking forward to our August race at Glen Helen for a little redemption.

Top Five Results:                                    Top Five Points:
1)  Jason Dunkleberger      Yam                        1)  Dustin Nelson            115
2)  Justin Noss            Yam                        2)  Beau Baron            105
3)  Jason Fife            Yam                        3)  Justin Noss            97
4)  Beau Baron            Hon                        4)  Jason Dunkleberger      94
5)  Dustin Nelson            Yam                        5)  Jason Fife            87

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