The Original Exhaust Wrap


The original Exhaust Insulating Wrap was developed over 30 years ago by Thermo-Tec.

Wrapping headers with Exhaust Insulating Wrap maintains hotter exhaust gases that exit the system faster through decreased density.  This produces increased exhaust scavenging, along with lower intake temperatures.  Our Exhaust Wrap withstands continuous heat up to 2000°F; it contains no asbestos.

Thermo-Tec Exhaust Insulating Wrap will not over-insulate a system when properly installed due to a proprietary coating, Thermal  Conduction Technology (TCT™), developed by Thermo-Tec, that conducts heat across the Wrap’s surface.  This unique coating controls heat build-up and dissipation.


ROGUE Series Exhaust Insulating Wrap

Hi-Tech Carbon Fiber appearance and Titanium like strength, our Rogue Series Exhaust Insulating Wrap is produced utilizing pulverized Lava rock called basalt.

It is extremely pliable, resistant to discoloration, and can withstand 2000 degrees Fahrenheit in direct continuous contact. Sold in 1 or 2 inch wide, 50-foot rolls.


The Platinum Exhaust Insulating wrap utilizes an exclusive hybrid construction featuring Thermal  Conduction Technology (TCT™).

The proprietary Weave Lock design provides durability and minimizes fraying.  Helps reduce underhood temperatures, can withstand radiant heat up to 2000°F, and can add horsepower to your engine.

Sold in 1 or 2 inch wide, 50-foot rolls.

All of our products are proudly Made in the USA.

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