— Testing this carb insert device on a Honda 450R —

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The Quad Flow Torque Wing is only meant for closed-course operation in California.

Lonn Peterson has an impressive history in the off-road world and an even more impressive mind. He started Thunder Products with the goal of creating power-increasing products. Thus, he designed the simple yet effective Quad Flow Torque Wing. Hold on to your hats for this one, because we are about to toss some heavy information your way!

Thunder Products’ directions explain exactly what to do to install the Torque Wing. Start by bending these tabs down.
Once the tabs are bent correctly, we placed the Torque Wing in the opening of our carb and measured it to fit without blocking any flow of fuel.


The Torque Wing is constructed of precision-shaped pieces of metal that are joined to create an X-shaped insert that magically gives you better throttle response and more torque once installed into the engine-side opening of your carburetor or throttle body. Well, that’s the simple version. It isn’t really magic but rather engineering, so let’s go deeper.

According to Peterson, the engineering goes like this:, “The Quad Flow Torque Wing has horizontal and vertical airflow stabilizers, which increase airflow, air speed and fuel atomization, thereby increasing performance. The Torque Wing is installed on the engine side of your carburetor slide. This divides the carburetor bore into four quadrants, utilizing a horizontal and vertical air stabilizer. These stabilizers virtually eliminate air turbulence, thus increasing air velocity to the engine. This improves fuel atomization and power. All engines, whether two-cycle or four-cycle, have naturally occurring reversionary pulse waves in the intake tract that are very turbulent. The Torque Wing eliminates this turbulence. The horizontal stabilizer also performs another function. Any throttle position half throttle or below normally suffers a big drop in air velocity due to the airflow that goes under the carburetor slide being allowed to enter the full size of the carburetor bore, producing a rolling turbulence and a corresponding drop in air velocity. The horizontal stabilizer prevents this drop in air velocity, producing much quicker throttle response and a substantial increase in torque. The Torque Wing continues to kill off multi-directional turbulence all the way through full throttle. A small space is left between the Torque Wing and the carburetor to equalize and improve the airflow to all four quadrants.

“The Torque Wing has been designed to protrude out past the end of the carburetor and into the intake manifold. This holds the air column together longer, preventing the break-up that creates turbulence. The Torque Wing is easy to install and requires no tuning.”

We made sure to place paper towels or a rag in the opening of the carb to prevent any metal or debris from getting into it while using a hacksaw to create the slots for the wing to go into.


The Quad Flow Torque Wing is basically a plug-and-play part. Preparing the carb is a little nerve-racking, and messing up is not really an option here. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, we suggest you bring it to your local mechanic to install. 

You have to get your carburetor or throttle body out of your machine. Once that is done, you will need to secure it in a vise without damaging it. We installed ours on a TRX450R Keihin FCR carb. The Torque Wing installs on the engine side of the carb with the angled end of the wing facing the engine. You will need pliers, a marking tool, a fine-blade hacksaw, carburetor/throttle body cleaner and paper towels or a few clean rags to stuff in the carb before cutting into it. Make sure to follow the directions exactly, and do not cut too deep into the carb. The Torque Wing could come in contact with the slide. Take your time and make sure you don’t allow any dirt, dust or metal shavings and particles to get into your carburetor.

Once you have the Quad Flow Torque Wing installed, no additional modifications are required to get the benefits. Put your quad back together and go ride.

We had to gently tap the Torque Wing into the slots until we achieved the correct fit. The wing should in no way come in contact with the slide of your carburetor! Never allow carb or contact cleaner to come in contact with the slide. There is a delicate sealing ring behind the wear plate that radically deforms from the chemicals.
You can see the four channels that the fuel/air mixture will now flow through to gain more throttle response and low-end torque.


Above all else, the increase in throttle response was the most noticeable change to our TRX. It felt quicker off the line and, like the power, was more on tap without hesitation. A few riders thought it would give the quad a much larger increase in low-end torque. While you can certainly feel more torque, it is not a massive increase. For a reasonable starting price of $99, the increased throttle crispness and improved response is well worth it. Go to or call (320) 597-2700 to order your own or check out more of their products.



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