Top 5 Tips for Choosing Your First UTV for College


Getting your first UTV is always a big deal because it signifies growth. Preowned or new? Cash or credit? There are several decisions to make when making this move.  

Buying a first UTV is a big deal because it starts your relationship with motor vehicles. When you are in college, you are not exactly looking for the fanciest wheels because your budget may not allow that. Anything that moves effortlessly, with all functions working ideally, will do since the idea is to move from one part of campus to the next without hustle. 

We put together helpful tips on how to get a nice UTV while studying.

Prioritize – Separate Needs from Wants

Needs: Fuel efficiency and space, among others that will vary from one person to the other.

Wants: handlebar steering, comfortable seats, XM capabilities, and the new model.

There are many models of UTVs that will fit your needs and some wants. You may be spoiled for choice, especially when you go to a car yard, and so you may want to do your research first. You certainly want one that meets all your needs and maybe some wants, though those are secondary. But the main point is still your budget. You can choose an inexpensive and modern UTV in college today, but after 10 years, having earned enough money, you can afford a high-end one. All it takes is knowledge and education. Nowadays, learning can be challenging, but it’s worth it. Research papers written today will help you gain experience and dreamwork tomorrow. Moreover, in our time, learning has become much easier thanks to modern technologies, such as plagiarism checker online, or a list of topics on the Internet that will help you succeed in writing your task. Like checking plagiarism with the best online tools, you don’t want to pass needs for wants.  



There are things you may need that will not be practical. For instance, you may want a top-of-the-range UTV to ride with friends in the mountains and a hard-to-reach route with all the luxury spoils, but your budget may only afford you a second-hand one. At this point, you want to decide what’s more important; comfy leather seats and rims that spin as you drive or the best engine you could get on a pre owned UTV? You will mostly need the vehicle to move from one distance to another, or even from home to school or the dorms if they are off-campus, so luxury may not be that high up your list. It will also be a good time to realize that second-hand UTVs aren’t all too bad when you cannot afford a new one.



Do Some Research

There are things you want to look into before buying that car. If you are paying for it yourself, you want to look at the price, what you can pay upfront and the size of the monthly installments that will follow. You want to be sure that the money you will be making from your university jobs will be enough to pay off the UTV without missing monthly installments, as the penalty could plunge you further into debt. You also want to search the vehicle identification number (VIN) to ensure the car hasn’t been in an accident or other incidence if it is proven. You can find details like the model, maintenance, and car spare parts on the numerous websites dedicated to car owners. You can also choose between UTV and ATV.


To get your money’s worth, you want a UTV that will not give you engine troubles, especially if you ride to where you can’t easily get help.  If you lack the required experience to tell a good UTV from an internally wrecked one, you may need to ask the advice of someone you can trust. When making this form of investment and commitment, you had better take your time and get good value for your money than rush into making a purchase that will backfire in no time.  

Work with a Certified Dealer

Why should you work with a dealer? You get better deals. They follow implied warranties for new cars, UTVs and ATVs and if you buy a preowned one, they are certified to assure you of fewer issues once you buy it. Where possible, you want to buy a UTV in cash because the deals are better from the dealers. Also, you can trade it in later if it is still in good condition. There are lots of certified car dealers if you look around. You do not want to settle for the first one you find because you could be missing out on an even better deal. Take the time to find out as much information as possible before settling for one.



Be Cautious with Private Sellers

Some private sellers are genuine and will dispose of a UTV in good condition or will try to disclose as much as possible before the transaction. Others are not so gracious, and so you may want to practice caution. To be safe, ask to meet at a neutral spot and bring someone with you. You also want to pay through any other means but cash.

Take it for a Spin

You have to take a UTV for a drive before buying, whether it is new or preowned. You want to test it out for at least half an hour to feel how it handles different roads. Before the test, don’t be shy to check under the hood for leaks and other notables. Also, this works best when you test it during the day when you can see everything clearly.



Take your Time

That’s mostly how to buy your first UTV in college. When you take your time to check the various things that could be the issue with it, you save so much time and money later. Remember that trying to save a few extra dollars won’t be worth it in the long run if one day your UTV stops starting or keeps breaking down.

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