Testing a six-ply ATV & UTV  tire with traction and long life

By the staff of Dirt Wheels

Despite the tread blocks being tall and spaced to clean easily in mud, we found the tire worked well on packed and rocky terrain.


Track & Trail is another tire company that is new to the ATV and UTV scene. Currently, the company has a sport quad tire set and the TT410 utility tire. The tire’s specs and pricing are very good, so we saw it for sale at many of the big tire retailers, despite being a new company, so we were quite curious about these tires. The set we received was sized 25×8-12 and 25×10-12 for a 4×4 quad or a very small UTV. We saw street prices for the rears between $95 and $114, and the fronts were a bit cheaper.

It seems like a lot of 4×4 quads come with light-duty tires with tread patterns that look pretty basic. The TT410 tires have a six-ply-rated carcass with a cut-resistant, high-mileage rubber compound, and the tread blocks are 3/4 of an inch tall, so it is aggressive for a general-purpose tire. Despite the tall, aggressive tread blocks for a tire this size, the TT410 rolls well and does not have a lumpy ride.

While our tires were 25-inch models for 12-inch rims, there are 26-inch tires for 12-inch rims and 27-inch tires for 14-inch rims. We are a little disappointed that these are not available in 29-inch, because we would definitely run these tires on sport machines here in the West. Our test tires were not heavy for six-ply tires. The fronts weighed 19.8 pounds each, and the wider rears weighed 22.2 pounds each.

The Track & Trail TT410 is a good-looking tire that performed well and lasts like you cannot believe.


We mounted the tires and wheels on a 2019 Suzuki KingQuad 750 without EPS and headed out to go testing in the local mountains. We had a stock Suzuki along as a comparison. We set the tire pressure on both machines to 7 psi and hit the trails.

Traction was impressive, but we could feel a bit heavier steering and a slightly firmer ride with the six-ply construction. The area we were riding in had rocks, but there were also long stretches of firm dirt without large rocks. Some have a coating of silt on top. Other sections have loose rock, and some have buried, solid rock ledges and slabs. It clearly isn’t the most abrasive terrain, but it normally takes a toll on tires. After the testing we could see only the barest hint of wear on the biting edges of the rear tires. The fronts look new.

We never worried about flats, and we didn’t experience any. We hit a few sandy sections, and others with a loose gravel mixed with sand and silt. The TT410s blasted through everything we placed in front of the Suzuki.

If you want a long-lasting tire that can handle any sort of terrain, the Track & Trails TT410 will do the job. For more information, visit Track & Trail tires are distributed by MTA Distributing in the U.S. and by Motovan in Canada.




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