Triumph Boy’s Dominate WORCS Raptor 250 classes – WORCS being one of the most premiere off road racing has higher lever Raptor 250 classes with the 12-15 classes. Both Triumph Boy’s Jerry and Christian were on top of their game at Round 3 of WORCS in Lake Havasu AZ. With the anticipation of 2014 being the last round at this venue ever, it was very exciting to be there one last time. The weekend and the weather were spectacular all weekend. Both boys wrapped up the weekend with four #1 plates.

Christian Maldonado – #146 / 12-15 Production & 12-15 Production Sport

Christian beat second place in both his races by more than 1 minute. With a late start getting race bikes done for 2014, Christian has been racing a BONE stock Raptor 250, we are talking stock pipe, suspension and motor. Christian is battling against Raptor 250’s fully built with suspension, motors and so on. Christian is also only 12 racing against kids 2-3 years older than him. With great training and tons of heart this young racer is a threat on any track!

Christian Maldonado said, “I knew Lake Havasu is the roughest track at the WORCS series. Last year at Havasu, I had one of my worst crashes. I was sitting on my quad at the starting line before my fifty minute moto. I was extremely nervous, I was racing a stock quad against fully built quads. The flag went up, my STI tires sent me flying to the first corner. A rider snuck inside of me at the first corner and led for a half a lap, until I was able to get around him. A couple laps into the race, a pulled a huge gap from second place. I rode my hardest the whole race, giving me the moto win.”Β 

On my second race, I was confident knowing I had the ability to win. The race began; once again my STI tires threw me to the first corner, giving me the hole shot. I knew all I had to do was ride like my first moto to get the win. I made a few mistakes, causing me to almost crash, but I shook it off and kept going. I starting passing people from other classes, I got mud thrown all over me a few times, but my Eks Brand Goggles gave me clear vision. I pulled a big gap from second place, knowing all I had to do was finish the race to win. After the fifty minutes was over, I pulled off the track with another moto win.

“Next race, at Sand Hallow, I hope to do just as good as this race and previous races. I will train hard all month and hopefully pull off two wins. I will prepare myself mentally and physically for round four of the WORCS series,” said Maldonado.

Jerry Maldonado – #164/Production 250 Sport & 12-15 Open

Jerry finished over 2 minutes in front of second place in both races. Jerry like his younger brother is racing against fully built Raptor 250’s with his stock Raptor 250. Jerry is 15 and knows what it takes to be on top. Jerry rode smart the entire weekend and kept his bike out front.

Jerry said “I came into the lake Havasu round with a lot of confidence from my previous wins at rounds one and two. I had a good idea on what I needed to do to win this one. My very first race was the first of the Saturday morning on my dirt bike. I race this to get a good hour long look at the track before my main quad race. Once that was over I had a couple of hours to get ready for my 11:45 race on the quad. At the start I got an okay jump but couldn’t get the holeshot. When we got to the lake I got caught up behind a couple of stuck riders and lost about a minute of time. After getting nearly caught back up, on the same spot I flipped over in the water and got passed again. When I got back on track I was more focused until the finish and was able to catch up to the leader and make the pass. After a good nights rest I was up once again bright and early ready for my third race of the weekend. Again off the start I wasn’t able to get the holeshot, but got an okay jump. From start to finish I was able to lead and I never looked back and pulled my second win of the weekend. I will be going into round four with the overall points lead in both of my classes.”

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