Truck Tent by Napier

Many of our rides are so remote, the option of camping in an RV or staying in a motel are nonexistent. Napier has many different tents that are designed for ATV users, including ones that fit in your truck bed. A few advantages of setting up your tent in the back of your truck bed is you’re above ground and out of reach from potential critters like snakes and moisture. Napier is staying one step ahead of other tent manufacturers with their sleek designs and options for tents.

We installed Napier’s Backroadz truck tent on a Toyota Tundra long bed. Installation is very easy and took roughly 25 minutes to set up with one person the first time. Time can vary between models, how often you assemble and how many friends are helping. A little bit of massaging is required for perfect fitment around the bed rails. For the Napier Backroadz version, it has four color-coded, shock-corded fiberglass poles; two side windows; one door; and rain fly. This model retails for $189.99. The Backroadz is Napier’s base-model truck tent. For comparison, you can buy a Coleman two-man tent anywhere from $50–$150, depending on supplier and sale prices.


Napier has designed these tents for a comfortable sleeping area for two people above ground. Securing the tent to the truck bed is very easy with the supplied hooks that attach under the bottom of the bedside and can be adjusted to tighten the tent down. You can still move your vehicle around if you decide to move camps close by with the tent fully assembled, but we wouldn’t recommend going too far or fast. They hold up very well in wind and cold-weather conditions compared to traditional ground tents. The tent wraps over the bed rails to prevent water from getting between the tent and truck bed, as well as keeping you out of the mud if it happens to rain. This model only comes in a green color. Tent material is 800mm PU polyester taffeta and the windows are polyester mesh. Floor material is polyethylene. This tent has a center height of 65 inches, a 64-inch width and 8-foot length.

Napier also makes an air mattress to fit inside their tents and are a custom size to fit between the wheel wells in the truck bed. It has a large side valve for quick deflation. They also have a built-in hand pump, which is a new feature along with a standard battery-operated pump. The air mattress is made of heavy-duty vinyl and has a soft flocked top to keep your sleeping bag from sliding off. Retail price for the Sportz air mattress is $89.99. These are also versatile for indoor and outdoor use. Napier also has other versions of the tent for SUV/ minivans and hatchback cars, ranging from $249.99 for the Backroadz SUV tent, $349.99 for the Sportz SUV tent and $379.99 for the Sportz SUV tent with screen room. For hatchbacks, Napier has their Sportz Dome that goes for $289.99. They also have there Sportz X-Treme PAC for $229.99, which is a ground tent including a full rain fly, two mummy-style sleeping bags, two folding stools and the heavy-duty carrying bag. This is perfect for those trips on ATVs that take you farther away from the truck.


If you enjoy camping where motor homes and crowds of people can’t go, then Napier is a great option to look into. You can load your truck with your normal riding gear, the tent, your quad and drive until the road ends. To find a dealer, contact Napier at (905) 935-0427 or

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