As we eagerly wait to drive the all new KRX1000, Kawasaki showed us what the future looks like for this new machine. They revealed a fully built KRX with molded doors and HCR long travel suspension.

The new build also comes with 35″ tires, PRP seats, and an aftermarket cage. The KRX has some cool features new to the industry including a CVT temp gauge, oil sight gauge, and adjustable passenger seat. On display was the new K&T Performance mock up of a turbo for the new machine. The turbo kit is just a mock up, and has not been tested on the new KRX, meaning no horsepower numbers are available yet.



Kawasaki expects turbo kits to hopefully be available by the end of the year. So while a turbo long travel version of the car isn’t actually available, Kawasaki is ready to show that the KRX1000 has potential to be bigger and better than its stock self.

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