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Guide To Bike Insurance

It’s a smart idea to acquire insurance for your bike. It’s impossible to predict what may happen on the road or on your bike. You may collide with a car or a pedestrian, or you could fall and injure yourself. It’s possible that your bicycle may be stolen or written off. Most homeowner’s insurance policies […]


165HP 2-STROKE SKIDOO BECOMES A QUAD When you have time on your hands, a bunch of parts laying around and idea, things get dusty. Check out Grind Hard Plumbing Co’s dirt chucker. Win a free set of KMC tires and wheels by taking the 2021 Dirt Wheels Magazine SURVEY.

Top ATV Video Games Any Rider Should Have In Their Collection

There are few things that offer as much excitement and joy as riding an ATV. Going for a joy ride to a perfect trail full of slopes, curves, corners, flats to race in and everything in between, that is life. With how the world has been in the past couple of years most ATV enthusiasts […]

Fun ATV/UTV Games That Are Worth Playing

ATVs or All-Terrain Vehicles are a rather new invention as they appeared in the late 1960s. An interesting fact about them is that they originally had 6 wheels and were referred to as amphibious six-wheelers in their inception years. Over time, these vehicles were non-straddle, but eventually straddle vehicles were released and they were known […]

Viking Large Black Dirt Bike Enduro Saddlebags

Viking Bags’ Large Black Dirt Bike Saddlebag Pair is a high-quality item. This bag is made with high-quality polyester fabrication. This Enduro Saddle Bag has a stable mounting system that provides a proper setting on both sides. The padlocking system gives the bag a perfect fit to settle down on the bike perfectly. In terms […]


Pieces of history By Joe Kosch My friend Ken has a few ATVs, or at least a few ATV’s worth of parts in and around his garage. Some people have paintings, sculptures or vases to decorate their homes. Ken has pieces of quads he has owned or just finds interesting. They are in and beside the […]


ATV STADIUM RACING FROM 1991. In this throwback video to the Mickey Thompson Series (which kicked off in Anaheim, California) we take a look at round one of that series in 1991. You may recognize a few names that are still in the industry, or racing UTV’s, promoting races of their own, or running aftermarket […]

How Dirt Fans Can Keep Busy During Lockdown

Lockdown has affected us all in some way or another. We have additional time spent in our homes, rather than going to the latest dirt racing event. There are signs of change, but we may have to wait a while before seeing significant events again. What, therefore, can dirt fans do to keep themselves busy […]

Your chance to win cool prizes!

Just fill out our entire 2020 reader survey for you chance to win! Click here to start Thank you for filling out this year’s “Reader Survey.” This survey information is crucial for us to provide the content you want to read about month after month. After we finish gathering up the surveys, we are going […]


Vintage builds and old 2-stroke ATV and three wheelers of every brand are all the rage these days. Saving this part of history is not only fun but necessary because machines like the Quadzilla, the Banshee and Hondas 250R most likely will never be made again. There are still plenty of these machines out there […]