Combining two great events at Sand Hollow State Park By the staff of Dirt Wheels

The SxS Adventure Rally on the Rocks headquarters and vendor area has this scenic location between the lake and the tunnel to the riding area.

For years, one of our most rewarding UTV event destinations was Rally on the Rocks in Moab, Utah. Moab is a larger-than-life destination that attracts all manner of 4×4 enthusiasts, whether they be the automotive type or UTVs. The truth is that Moab also attracts campers, hikers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists and just plain sightseers in droves.

Arguably, the town has grown successful with off-road visitors. With different groups descending on the town, it can choose the groups it likes to have around, and permits for the event are no longer feasible. The Moab organizers were behind the rapidly growing SxS Adventure Rally as well. It was decided to combine the two events in Hurricane, Utah, at Sand Hollow State Park.

This guided ride has just about completed Double Sammy, one of the more difficult guided routes. This lead car is taking one of the alternate hard lines.


Sand Hollow does not have trails with the epic length of some Moab trails, but the driving is world class. It is just contained in a smaller area. This inaugural event rounded up around 300 entries, and that is a good group for Sand Hollow. With all routes within the park, trailering to trailheads or being paraded on city streets by police are not needed. Those facets of Moab UTV life are not missed, either.

The event was staged on Tuesday through Friday to avoid weekend traffic. All trails are accessed by a tunnel, and event workers control access to the tunnel until 2 p.m. each day. The park riding area is closed to all but event traffic until then. Each morning groups line up behind signs to enter a guided ride. Guides on the ride help shepherd less experienced drivers through the technical routes.

Participants sign up for a specific ride that is limited to a certain number of machines. They line up behind the sign for their assigned ride. The scenery on West Rim is amazing.

We can tell you that having that support makes a huge difference in safety and learning progression compared to just self-guiding yourself. Most of the rides are around 15 miles round trip, but those miles take as long as four hours to complete.

Yamaha’s demo machines were all RMAX 1000 varieties. The nimble Yamaha RMAX is happy at Sand Hollow as well. This custom unit was for display.

This is a family friendly event. Some routes are extremely technical, but others are approachable. All are incredibly scenic. One of the many unique facets of Sand Hollow is that the rock sections are divided by sand dunes! It is a unique riding experience.

Walking the vendor area always reveals some very nice machines and interesting products. Pro Armor had a couple of beauties in its area. They are dirty so are not just for show!


Don’t feel like riding every day? There were also free guided trail rides in new models from Kawasaki, Polaris and Yamaha. There is also an expansive industry midway with loads of products to see and learn about. Some of the vendors are there with information. Others like Trail Armor had ample product and were doing installs on the spot.

Sand Hollow has a man-made lake, so watersports are an option, and there are in-park watercraft rentals.

Can-Am had a selection of models, but mostly Maverick X3 varieties with a few Maverick Sports. There were two-seat, four-seat, 64-inch, 72-inch, and 120- and 200-horsepower versions.


In addition to the event registration fees, Sand Hollow State Park charges a $15 day-use fee to enter the park. Utah has an out-of-state OHV registration that non-Utah residents must purchase as well.

Guided rides take care to keep groups together and accounted for. There is a lead driver, one sweeping in the rear and others to help coach or help with lines at each obstacle.


There are many hotels within 10 miles of the park. Sand Hollow Resort is just outside the park and very nice. You can drive your UTV to the rally from your room without being on a city street. There are a few RV sites in the park, but they go fast. There is a lot of dry camping, and we usually take advantage of that.

There are a few shower locations. They are free for registered campers. All others must pay a $4-per-person shower fee.

We highly recommend that you plan early and see the SxSAdventureRally.com website to plan your attendance and camping. Some campsites are reserved through the park, but others are reserved through the promoters.

Kawasaki demos were all KRX 1000. Sand Hollow is a happy place for the Kawasaki. It has the right mix of power, suspension, width and wheelbase to love the rocks.


This is a great event. Even if you are not confident with slick-rock obstacles, you will still have a blast. It is thrilling to conquer features yourself and pretty darn fun to watch others attempt them. The park and surrounding cities are welcoming, and the scenery is stunning. Don’t miss it.

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