UTV Safe Driving Tips for Beginners

By the staff of Dirt Wheels


UTV’s are a common vehicle for homeowners that have extensive land and need a reliable way to navigate tricky or uneven terrain. UTV’s have also become a popular off-roading pastime that can be thrilling for drivers and riders. While they are convenient and fun, UTV’s can also be dangerous for beginners if they aren’t driven with skill and respect.

UTVs are most commonly used to traverse uneven terrain or mud, and while they are an effective tool on the farm, many that use them recreationally find that they can be tricky to drive safely. Many accidents have resulted in injuries and even death.

If you are taking your UTV on the trails, you need to be aware of other traffic on the road. In case of an accident with another vehicle, you may need to call Dennis Hernandez & Associates to help you protect your rights. The best defense is always using common sense and safe driving techniques to keep you and your family safe on the trail. Let’s look at a few safe driving tips for beginners.


Wear Protection

It is responsible to be prepared for accidents when driving or riding in a UTV. Wearing a certified helmet will protect your head from serious injuries if there is a crash or a roll-over accident while on your UTV.  Don’t ignore your safety in consideration of fashion. There are many attractive and fashionable helmets available for your activities.

When you are out on the trail, you need to protect your eyes with the right glasses. Safety glasses can help to prevent injury to your eyes. It only takes a second for a rock from another vehicle or a branch to snap back in your face to cause serious eye injuries that could plague you for a lifetime.

Protective clothing should also be considered when you head out on your UTV. Riding gloves and a padded jacket can protect you from injuries if you have a crash.

Riding At Night

Unless you are on a clearly marked trail that you are familiar with, it’s never a good idea to ride your UTV at night. While most units are outfitted with headlights, they aren’t always very powerful and can limit your visibility and increase your chances of getting into an accident.


Buckle Up

When you are speeding over uneven terrain, an accident can happen at any time. This makes it extremely important to wear your safety seat belt harness every time you get on the trail.

Avoid Alcohol

In the same way that you should avoid driving on the roads while drinking alcohol, you should never operate a UTV while intoxicated. Alcohol not only affects your judgment, it can impair your ability to avoid an accident. Most states have laws against driving any vehicle while under the influence.


Watch Your Speed

One of the thrills of driving a UTV is being able to speed over the terrain. However, for beginners, it’s important to watch your speed and grow your skill before you hit the gas. UTV’s can be very different to handle than a car, so until you get the hang of how your UTV handles different terrain, it’s best to keep your speeds to a minimum.

Very few UTVs jump as easily as the RZR Turbo S. It lands so smoothly with the large shocks and the Dynamix electronically controlled suspension.



Using a UTV as a utility vehicle for your property can be an asset. If you love to get out for some adventure on the trail, an UTV can be a thrilling ride. Keep these safety tips in mind if you are new to off-roading to keep you and your family safe.

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