We spotted this styled out Rhino while out at Oregon’s annual Dune Fest and thought you might like to check it out. It belongs to BC Racing’s Bryan Compton, who lives in Veneta, Oregon.
Bryan was kind enough to fill out a spec sheet on the machine to let us know about some of the mods he had made to the vehicle for sand exploring (see spec sheet with this story). He even let us take it for a spin to see how the big bore LRD 686cc engine kit performed in the dunes.
We liked the extra ump the Rhino had with this engine big bore kit and in the power-robbing sand environment it makes a significant difference compared to a stock Rhino. The BC Rhino also had a set of I-shock front and rear suspension, and took the sand pounding much better than a stocker.
Overall, we liked Bryan’s modified Rhino and compliment him on his good taste in building a practical and fun sand slinger side-by-side vehicle. Next time you see us in the dunes, and you’ve got a sweet machine, let us know and we’ll stop by and take a look. See ya’ in the sand.


Name: Bryan Compton
Hometown:Veneta, Oregon
Age/height/weight: 32/5’11″/220
Married or single: Single
First quad: 1982 Honda ATC 110
Favorite form of  racing: (MX, XC, TT, Desert?) Mud
Favorite type of track: Hill Climbs
Least favorite: Dry n’ Dusty
Music: listening to Stone Sour
Best advice to newcomer: Pay attention
Model: Yamaha Rhino 660
Motor Mods: LRD 686 Package
Engine type: Water Cooled
Displacement: 686
Bore & stroke: 102mm / 84mm
Carburetion: Edelbrock
Starting: Electric
Type/oil: CVT/Maxmima
Final drive(chain and brand): Shaft
Fuel tank/capacity/type: Factory 8 gal. 110 octane
Exhaust system: LRD Torc “full system”
Air intake & filter system: K&N
Clutching & oil used: EPI
Frame: Stock
Frame modifications: N/A
A-arms & length: Stock
Spindles/ball joints/wheel Hubs: Stock
Steering stabilizer: Stock
Front shocks/travel: i Shock F-18
Rear shocks/travel: i Shock F-18
Brake pads: EBC
Rotors: Stock
Fluid: Stock
Brake lines: Stock
Front wheels: ITP Type 7 Chrome
Front tires: ITP Dune Stars 26×10-12
Rear wheels: ITP Type 7 Chrome
Rear tires: Skat-Trak Custom 26×12-12 14 Blade
Ground clearance: 14″
Overall length/width/height: Stock
Claimed dry weight: 1100 lb.
Other miscellaneous: Mods (nerfs/grab bars/lighting/etc,
PIAA 510, PIAA 520 SMR, Warn 4.0 Winch,
Aluminum Products Skids, Amsteel Blue Winch rope,
BC-Off-Road Hawse Fairlead, Grafix by, Warp Grafix
Sponsors: LRD, BC-OFFROAD, PIAA, Aluminum Products,
Warn, Winches Only, Maier, Hydro Dynamics, EPI,
Warp Grafix, Rhino Bling, Web Cam, JE Piston, and Gorilla Axle

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