An amazing level of standard equipment By the staff of Dirt Wheels



When you consider that the Odes Dominator X4 LT 800 retails for $13,695, the level of standard equipment and long list of standard features are simply amazing. This is a machine that is comfortable for five full-size passengers, and it treats those occupants to a very smooth ride. The Odes Dominator X4 excels as a people mover. It is far happier exploring, hunting, camping and sightseeing than it is hammering through terrain aggressively. It handles off-road transportation duties so well, we don’t see the lack of whoop-bashing performance as a drawback.


The electric dump bed only tips up this far. It comes with a rubber bed mat and locking toolboxes on top of each bed side. Turn signals are standard. Tires are 29-inch on 15-inch rims.



The Dominator X4 has an 800cc, fuel-injected, V-twin, four-stroke engine that claims 60 horsepower and 73 foot-pounds of torque. One of the slang words for horsepower is “ponies.” We aren’t talking 60 big, beefy horses here—more like 60 “pony-power.” All of the features, accessories, heavy-duty boxed suspension arms, serious roll cage, electric bed and winch all add weight, and the X4 is pushing 1800 pounds. If you are at high altitude, drive mountainous terrain or plan on hauling, go for the 1000. For work that is not radically steep with mostly firm terrain, the 800 is fine.


Boxed A-arms give it this heavy-duty look like they are suited to an off-road race car. The suspension is amazingly plush on the choppy dirt tracks that make up the lion’s share of UTV use.


The 800 is mated to a CVTech CVT with low, high, neutral, reverse and park. Like many CVT-equipped machines, the shifting is crunchy rather than smooth, but it works fine. High range is fine for mild terrain, but we used low range more on the X4 than we normally do. The engine starts readily and runs clean with good response to throttle inputs. In almost all cases the CVT feeds the power in smoothly with no hitches at all. One of our regular trails has some offset rock steps that will really see-saw a short-wheelbase machine, but the X4 handled it smoothly. When you are pushing the X4 through steep, high-load obstacles like that, you do smell rubber when the belt gets hot. With the engine intake right between the front seats, we would expect that, and we used the rubber smell to know when to ease off on the belt.


You will find that the X4 is exceptionally well equipped with beefy A-arms, long travel, lights, toolboxes, bucket seats, bed mat and floor mats, in addition to two remote-control winches!



As we mentioned, there is a lot to get excited about with the X4. It has the most legroom in the adjustable driver’s seat that we have ever experienced. With the seat all the way back, the steering wheel and the pedals are a stretch for a 6-foot-2 driver! The machine has selectable four-wheel drive and differential lock. There is a front winch with a wireless remote that works very well. At night you will find that the headlights are fine, but engage the two LED light bars and you will have candlepower like you have never seen on a production machine! A full roof is standard. Look carefully under the roof and you will see that there is a full windshield hidden in the roof. The windshield stays in the roof as long as the weather is warm, but loosen a couple of knobs and the windshield slides into place and is secured to the cage with rubber straps. That is very slick.

Check out the bed and you will find an electric dump control inside the cab, a rubber bed mat covering the bed floor and a locking toolbox on each side of the bed. Odes also claims 14 inches of wheel travel—the most in this class.


The amount of light that this roof-mounted LED light bar puts out is amazing. Add the headlights and the grill-mounted light bar and you have all the light you will ever need.



When we pushed the Dominator hard on even moderately rough terrain and through G-outs, we bottomed the rear suspension hard. We wouldn’t even contemplate hitting whoops at speed. The preload-adjustable shocks are soft with smooth action. As a result, there is a fair amount of body roll. The plus side of the soft suspension and ample travel is the smoothest ride we have ever experienced across small chop or sharp-edged ruts. Friends and family we wouldn’t normally think of subjecting to the punishment of serious off-road, we would take out in this machine. It has 16 inches of ground clearance, which is enough to clear most obstacles.

The car feels heavy, and the active suspension and high clearance make it feel more like a rock-crawler Jeep with a lot of articulation rather than a dune buggy. With EPS, the steering is plenty light, but you can easily force it to oversteer as well. You don’t pitch the X4 into corners, and tight turns can be two-point turns. With the tall doors and the bucket seats, the X4 does feel secure, and it is a comfortable ride. Having the windshield tucked up inside the roof does affect headroom, and tall test drivers bumped their heads on it.


There is enough light on the front of this machine to bleach the paint on the machine in front of you. It really lights the night up. The winch works well. The windshield slides up into the roof for warm weather.



Some states do allow UTVs to have limited street use, like farm vehicles, and if your state does allow that, the X4 is ready with LED headlights, daytime running lights, LED taillights, a horn and turn signals. We live in a state that is as far from welcoming UTVs as you can get, so we didn’t hit the streets in the X4. We used the X4 for work around a rural home and for recreation.

We’d take some more power, and it would be nice to have a little less engine and drivetrain vibration, but for the most part the Dominator is very accommodating on the trail. It likes being treated like a Jeep more than it does a sport UTV, but that is okay, because lots of people like that sort of recreation. Whenever we drove the car, we were always impressed with how smooth the ride is on abrasive, chattery surfaces. Rider comfort is first-rate, and we loved the driver’s seat legroom.


The dash is fully equipped as well. The controls include a diff-lock and even turn signals! The EPS provides steering efforts that are very light.



The Dominator X4 LT is somewhat unique in the class. Similar machines equally equipped would sell for at least $4500 more than the Odes. Odes also supplies a two-year warranty with the option to purchase a three- or four-year warranty. The secret to being happy with the UTV you choose is knowing what your actual use will be. If you are a wannabe racer, then you need to look elsewhere. If you are looking for an enjoyable time with a group, you will find that the X4 is absolutely the right tool for the job. It is plenty fun exploring and handling general four-wheel-drive trails. The high-clearance and supple suspension that hobbles its ability to hammer the rough pays dividends caring for all five passengers.
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Odes didn’t scrimp on comfort features. Doors, a roof, a hideaway windshield, mirrors and fantastic lights are a bonus. The driver’s-seat legroom is the most we have ever experienced in a UTV.



Engine V-twin 4-stroke EFI SOHC

Displacement 800cc

Bore x stroke 91mm x 65mm

Fuel system EFI w/ single throttle body

Fuel capacity 9.0 gal.

Starting system Electric

Final drive Shaft drive front/rear


Front Vi-Lock w/ dual-box A-arm

Rear Vi-Lock w/ dual-box A-arm


Front Wanda Mudder 29×8-15

Rear Wanda Mudder 29×10-15

Brakes Four-wheel hydraulic discs

Wheelbase 110.8

Length/width/height 150”/64”/79”

Ground clearance 16”

Payload capacity 110lb.

Towing capacity 2200 lb.

Curb weight 1786 lb.

Colors White and black

MSRP Starting at $13,695