Tired of sleeping on the ground? 

By Lane Lindstrom


Many of us have probably never seen a tiny camp trailer being towed behind a UTV somewhere off-road, let alone thought of buying one. Toy haulers and full-size trailers comprise a huge segment of our industry, but we’re talking tiny towables.

There must be a market for these tiny camp trailers, because there are several manufacturers producing off-road-capable trailers to be towed behind UTVs or even ATVs. Of course, you could use an even larger vehicle. So we did some digging and reached out to some towable tiny camp trailer manufacturers to put together a list of companies that cater to off-roaders.


As we started exploring this segment of the market, we discovered things you should consider before buying.

Towing capacity. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to know the towing capacity of your UTV (or ATV). Some side-by-sides have a towing capacity of up to 2500 pounds, while others are as low as 1300 pounds. Most vehicles today are around 1500 pounds. All of the trailers we’ve included are well within those towing capacities, but you will also have to figure in camping gear, food, etc., in the overall tow weight.

Increased fuel consumption. Depending on how far away your favorite camping, fishing or hunting spot is, you’re going to want to remember fuel capacity. Because you’re towing a tiny trailer, your fuel use will go up. Investing in fuel packs might be something to consider.

Pack properly. Most seasoned off-roaders have become pretty good at packing their gear so it won’t bounce around. The same goes for packing your tiny trailer. Care needs to be taken to secure your load. And just like when you haul your off-road machinery (or other gear) on a trailer, you want to put more than half of the weight towards the tongue so that the trailer isn’t “wagging” the tow vehicle.

Shocks. This might take some time to figure out, but you might have to adjust your shocks (if they’re adjustable, even if it’s just the spring) to get the right ride for your UTV and trailer.

GVWR. This is the maximum weight capacity of your vehicle without a trailer attached. This includes the weight of you and your passenger(s), any gear you’re carrying and accessories mounted to the machine. You can usually carry quite a lot on your vehicle and still tow a trailer as well, which might be an additional thousand pounds or so. You may want to do some testing to see whether your rig works better carrying as little on the UTV with most carried in the trailer. Or, your rig might like some weight in the bed to help traction. These are all things to consider as you go off-road, especially on off-cambers, soft dirt, mud or snow or any number of other technical trail conditions. Keep in mind, you may not be able to do the same climbs or soft surfaces that you can without a trailer. Stay within the weight limits, pay attention and you should be fine.


By no means is our list of trailers an exhaustive one. There are far more trailers out there than we’ve included here. But, we purposefully shied away from the really expensive ones ($20,000+), as well as trailers that are on the upper limit of UTV towing capacities. Many of our entries don’t show an MSRP, and that’s partly due to the options you choose for a specific model, which makes the MSRP a bit of a moving target. But, this is a good start, even if you’re not in the market for a tiny towable trailer—yet.

Camp365 is one of the larger packages to tow, though even fully loaded it is under the GVWR of the best UTVs. It is by far the roomiest, claiming sleeping for six!



Website: www.camp365.com

Home base: Eden Prairie, MN

Camp365’s lightweight and aerodynamic design allows it to be hauled by most ATVs and UTVs. The patented expanding axle with variable wheelbase allows the Camp365 to easily covert from a 72-inch base for highway and road travel down to 48 inches for tighter off-road trails.

When deployed, Camp365’s seven-point leveling system makes setup easy, even on sand, mud or rocks.

Camp365 folds up fully to make a slim, low-drag package. It features a hard floor, door, and front and rear panels with a soft top. It has the most room and head room.


• Camp365 uses Aqualon in the manufacture of its trailers. Aqualon is a durable synthetic that resists punctures, won’t fade or crack in the sun, and can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -40 degrees.

• The tow vehicle connection recharges the trailer’s battery while hauling.

• Independent torsion-axle suspension.

• More than 700 cubic feet of living and storage space for sleeping up to six people.

• Cabin head room is 7.5 feet.

The Camp365 can have these side racks fitted to carry mountain bikes or other equipment. That is very handy.



Dry weight 1,495 lb.

GVWR 2,200 lb.

Length/width/height 15’6”/48-71.5”/80”

Ground clearance 11.25”; optional 14” Big Wheel kit for greater clearance

Tires 12”; optional 15” for greater clearance


Helio’s HE3S is one of the lightest campers available, despite being an insulated hard-shell design with a locking hard door. It is compact but secure.


Website: www.heliovr.com

Home base: Lavaltrie, Quebec, CAN

The HE3 is Helio’s third generation of its mini travel trailer line, which includes the HE3S and HE3C. At 389 pounds, the HE3S is one of the lightest trailers on the market. That weight is thanks to its 100-percent monocoque fiberglass molded body (with exterior gel coat finish) on an aluminum frame.

The new HE3S has improved aerodynamics and increased stability for just about any situation on the trail. The trailer has a Torflex-type independent torsion suspension for those not-so-smooth off-road experiences. When it’s time to camp, a comfortable interior with an inside height of 48 inches allows you room to maneuver before settling down for the night.

The inside of the HE3S can be basic or you can fully outfit it. This one has mattresses and a built-in air conditioner. Obviously, that would also require a generator.


• European-style tinted windows with screen and night curtain. Rear door with screen.

• Rear stabilizer.

• Large comfortable bed (48 inches x 74.5 inches) that transforms into a sofa.

• Indoor and outdoor lights (LEDs).

• Charging center (12V and USB)

The HE3 is a sleek and streamlined trailer. It has some storage available on the tongue. It is extremely light for a hard-shell trailer.



Dry weight 389 lb.

GVWR 1,400 lb.

Length/width/height 11’2”/64”/62.75”

Ground clearance N/A

Tires 12”


This T3 has a rooftop tent, an awning and a tongue box added. The T3 also sports independent suspension and high clearance for the expected off-road use.


Website: www.heotrailers.com

Home base: Cosby, TN

Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) offers three different trailer models, with the T3 as the best option for towing behind an ATV or UTV.

The T3 is an all-aluminum, lightweight trailer specifically designed for what HEO describes as “overlanding.” Weighing just 550 pounds, the T3 is HEO’s lightest and smallest trailer, but can still sleep up to three people. The T3 has a payload of 1650 pounds, and because it’s all aluminum, it will never rust, yet is very durable and tow-friendly.


• Independent suspension.

• Off-road tires.

• Three-axis coupler.

• Rear sliding cargo tray and roof load bars.

• To make it more camper-friendly, HEO offers tent options (extra cost) that can be set up on top of the trailer.

Highland Expedition Outfitters’ T3 is a different take. It is primarily to carry food, gear and act as a kitchen for “overlanding.” You add a rooftop



Dry weight 550 lb.

GVWR 2,200 lb.

Length/width/height 102”/68”/60”

Ground clearance 16”

Tires 31”

MSRP $8,500 (w/o tent)

Hi-Standard Outfitters’ Ghost M1 Tactical Off-Road UTV/ATV towable camper is basic but light, compact and sturdy. It is also easy to set up. It is a soft-sided tent.


Website: www.hi-standardoutfitters.com

Home base: Long Beach, CA

The Hi-Standard Outfitters Ghost M1 Tactical Off-Road UTV/ATV towable camper is so easy to set up, it only takes a little more than three minutes to do so once you’re ready to camp for the night.

The Ghost M1 base unit weighs in at 400 pounds, making for easy towing behind any UTV or full-size ATV. You can easily seat four adults at the dinette table when it’s meal time, and then simply convert your table into a twin XL or queen-size sleeping area when bedding down.


• Large 60- by 80-inch enclosed sleeping area.

• Military tactical look.

• DOT-approved tires.

• Plenty of storage space both inside the unit, on top and in the optional tongue-mount storage boxes.

• Tent canvas is heavy-gauge weather-resistant fabric with zipper windows and door entry. The maximum inside height once the tent is set up is 72.5 inches.

There is storage available inside and on top of the trailer, but as you see in this shot, this owner opted to carry a lot of gear on the UTV.


Dry weight 404 lb.

GVWR 1,200 lb.

Length/width/height 112”/59.5”/40”

Ground clearance 10.5”

Tires 25”

MSRP $3,999.99

Sunnyside Off-Road’s Boony Stomper strikes our fancy. It is a hard-shell, lockable design. It has cabinets inside, but does not feature a rear galley.


Website: www.sunnysideoffroad.com

Home base: Reno, NV

The Boony Stomper is one of the smoothest and lightest extreme off-road trailers available and was designed with UTV riders in mind.

The base model is only 586 pounds,  with the fully optioned model weighing 640 pounds. Through clever designing and robust testing, Sunnyside Off-Road has produced a suspension system that allows you to take the Boony Stomper places other trailers can’t and still travel smoother than your UTV.

With a height of 73.5 inches, the Boony Stomper will fit in most box trailers and toy haulers, solving the problem of how to get it to a distant trailhead if towing it via your UTV isn’t an option.

The Boony Stomper interior will comfortably sleep one and is secure and away from the elements. It could sleep two very friendly folks.


• The bed inside measures 6 feet, 4 inches long and 47 inches wide.

• The trailer has a steel frame, high-gloss anodized colored aluminum and a fully insulated roof.

• The trailer is street- legal, including an issued VIN number, running lights, brake lights, turn signals, license plate mount, etc.

• DOT/UTV tires. Run the Boony down the highway at highway speeds, then, when headed off-road, lower the air pressure to 6–7 pounds for an ultra-smooth ride.

• Insulated doors with 15-inch sliding windows.

The Boony Stomper has impressive, custom-fabricated, long-travel, independent trailing arms with load-adjusting shocks! Center clearance is most impressive.



Dry weight 586 lb.


Length/width/height 111”/68”/73.5”

Ground clearance N/A

Tires 28” (but several options are available)


The latest model from TC Teardrops is the Off-Road Expedition (ORE). The ORE is available in five different sizes, but the smaller ones are best for UTVs.


Website: www.tcteardrops.com

Home base: Wausau, WI

TCTeardrops offers a variety of tiny towable trailers from 4×8-foot models up to 5×10-foot models in four different lines. The newest model is the Off-Road Expedition (ORE), which is available in five different sizes.

TCTeardrops utilizes a CNC table, along with a CNC plasma cutter and fab shop, for both steel and aluminum to build its trailers. The lightest model (the Original) comes in at about 800 pounds.

There are a number of upgrades that come as standard fare on the ORE model, including Falken A/T tires, a diamond-plate undercarriage, lock & roll articulating hitch and 16-inch alloy wheels.

The ORE has interior storage cabinets and a sleeping area. It is a hard-shell unit with latching and locking doors.


• LED overhead lights in cabin and galley. 

• Storage cabinet with slide-out table in cabin; galley shelves and slide-out table.

• Two doors with windows, screens and locks; two windows with screens and locks. Wiring harness, taillights and marker lights.

• Choice of 200 different side colors.

• Flat front storage platform.

Unlike some of the other teardrop-style models here, the ORE has a flip-up rear door that provides a covered galley area for storage or cooking.



Dry weight 750 lb. (4×8)


Length/width/height 150”/68”/67”

Ground clearance 15”

Tires 31”

MSRP Original starts at $6300; ORE starts at $9100

The Oregon Trail’R is a tough-looking hard-shell teardrop-style trailer. It doesn’t have the rear galley, but is capable of tongue and roof storage.


Website: www.oregontrailer.net

Home base: Eugene, OR

Oregon Trail’R has several trailer options, but suggests that its DoDrop Alpha (DDA) is the most suited to tagging along behind your UTV. The DDA is great for getting the most out of “less is more.”

DDA is very capable off-road and makes camping comfortable and fun, thanks to a well-designed cabin that is 6 foot, 6 inches long, has some storage space and has a mattress that can be folded in half to accommodate more cargo. The mattress size is 47 inches by 78 inches. 

Having a secure hard shell to the camper is a nice feature for safety and comfort. The DDA has two windows on a side.


• Marine-grade Baltic Birch plywood encapsulated with sprayed-on Alpha coating armored exterior.

• Well-insulated cabin space.

• Sleeps two.

• Axle-less suspension.

• Screened opening windows and roof vent.

Sleeping inside at night safely away from mosquitos and other crawly things is nice.



Dry weight 1,000 lb.

GVWR 2,200 lb.

Length/width/height 140”/68”/68”

Ground clearance N/A

Tires 29”

MSRP Starting at $12,500

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