Kawasaki has ungraded the ’09 Teryx 750 with fuel injection, a digital instrument panel, and a tilting bed for the coming new year. This UTV carries a big V-twin powerplant, with an efficient fully automatic CVT transmission as well.

According to Kawasaki’s engineers, they came up with several ways to improve the machine’s over-all throttle response. One of them was to change the ignition timing to help boost low and mid range torque, as well as improve power delivery at highs rpms. Some other claimed improvements from adding fuel injection to the Teryx include automatic altitude compensation, automatic idle adjustment and easy, choke-free starting. The Teryx also received a new fuel tank with an internal fuel pump.
Mated to the engine is Kawasaki’s continuously variable transmission (CVT), which transfers the power from the big V-twin to the wheels smoothly and quickly. The CVT system also received improvements for 2009. Both the intake and exhaust cooling ducts were revised to help prevent water or mud from entering the drive belt area. With the new intake duct, Kawie’s engineers also claim it flows air to the CVT more effectively for improved cooling.

With its fuel injected power boost, the new Teryx 750 FI also has the chassis to go along with it. While the frame is still narrow enough to fit on most trails, it is also wide enough to offer extra stability and improved handling when needed, especially for sharp turns or off-cambers. The wide track Teryx 750 FI 4×4 design comes with a large-diameter, thin-walled, tubular steel frame that offers extra rigidity without the added weight. It also incorporates a roll-over protective structure that Kawasaki calls ROPS.
The Teryx 750 FI 4×4 also uses wide, stable-handling A-arms, while retaining its narrow chassis design. This allows for maximum suspension travel, while minimizing wheel camber change. Kawasaki claims that overall ride quality is improved with the revised valving of the adjustable Kayaba shocks and new sway bar.

New for ’09 is the Teryx 750’s gas-shock assisted, tilting cargo bed. The down hooks are located on all four corners of the bed to help keep your gear secure. The Teryx has a 1,300-pound towing capacity as well as being able to carry up to 500 pounds of gear in the rear bed. A largish 7.4-gallon fuel tank gives the Teryx extra operating range as well.

A gas shock assisted rear dump bed makes chores all that much easier on the 2009 Teryx’s.

We were able to put some laps in at the annual Kawasaki dealer show in Dallas, Texas and were impressed with the overall performance. The new fuel injection system definitely allows it to hit quicker and accelerate harder.

We had a chance to try out one of the 2009 Teryx 750 FI 4×4’s at Kawasaki’s dealer show in Dallas, Texas recently. Even though this is not a full-on. Dirt Wheels style test, we can give you a quick ride impression.
First off, the new machine does accelerate much quicker than last year’s dual carb-equipped Teryx. Throttle response is very good, and the 750cc V-twin powered four-stroke engine honks. Stomp the throttle and it instantly responds. Even the revamped suspension settings can be felt and the Teryx slams through the whoops with ease.
We can hardly wait to get our hands on our production unit and put it to a more thorough test. The new digital gauges are spiffy and easy to read, and the gas-shock assisted rear dump bed is much easier to lift and dump than the previous model. All in all, the latest fuel injected Teryx should be a prime contender in the UTV battle for supremacy.

Engine: Liquid-cooled, SOHC, four valves per cylinder, 90-degree, four-stroke, V-twin
Displacement: 749cc
Starting: Electric
Bore x stroke: 85x66mm
Fuel System: Fuel injection w/2 Mikuni 34mm throttle bodies
Transmission: Continuously variable belt-drive w/ high, low, reverse
Final drive: Shaft w/selectable four-wheel drive with variable front differential control
Front: Adjustable dual A-arm w/ 7.5″ travel
Rear: Adjustable independent rear suspension (IRS) with reservoir shocks w/7.5″ travel
Front: Maxxis 26×8-12
Rear: Maxxis 26×10-12
Front: Dual hydraulic discs with 2-piston calipers
Rear: Sealed, wet oil-bathed, multi-disc
Overall length/width/ height: 116.4″/58.5″/75.7″
Wheelbase: 79.6″
Ground clearance: 11.7″
Lighting: (2) 40W headlights, (2) 8W tailight, 27W stoplight
Cargo bed capacity: 500 lb.
Towing capacity: 1300 lb.
Curb weight: 1387 lb.
Fuel capacity    7.4 gal.
Instruments: Multi-function digital meter with speedometer, fuel gauge, clock hour meter, odometer, dual trip meter and parking brake, R.N.P.4WD, water temp and oil pressure indicators
Color: Sunbeam Red
Manufacturer suggested price: $10,899

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