Viking Large Black Dirt Bike Enduro Saddlebags

Viking Bags’ Large Black Dirt Bike Saddlebag Pair is a high-quality item. This bag is made with high-quality polyester fabrication. This Enduro Saddle Bag has a stable mounting system that provides a proper setting on both sides. The padlocking system gives the bag a perfect fit to settle down on the bike perfectly.

In terms of design, the reflective design technique retains consistency while increasing visibility on dark trails, highways, and on-roads. The overall appearance of this Enduro Saddle Bag is very impressive.


Enduro Saddlebags is weather-resistant construction that guarantees its reliability as well as the protection of your belongings.

Carry handles are provided for easy lifting and styling, making handling simple. Ample storage capacity is given with designated pockets for small items. The storage capacity of 4394 cubic inches is enough for keeping a sleeping bag and mattress inside.


In general, endurance can be expected from this Viking Bag’s Saddlebag. A high-quality Saddle Bag for your dirt bike appears to be a complete package at a low price. Visit Viking Bags online and get yours!


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