Who knew that something this simple would become a vintage treasure?

Hondaline headlight guards could be had with or without a front lens guard and mounted to the stock triple tree clamp.

The Hondaline headlight guard was a very popular first upgrade for new ATC owners. It was constructed as a thin tube cage that surrounds and protects directional headlights on many 1980s ATC and ATV models. Some even included a brush guard to protect the headlight lens from limbs and kicked up roost. The design is fairly simple with the mounting ends flattened and drilled so the cage could be fastened to the triple tree clamp.

Available for several different models and in varying colors and coatings, Hondaline headlight guards now fetch a small fortune. Asking price on 1985-86 ATC250R Hondaline headlight guards, like the two seen in the top of this photo, runs as high as $400.

Like everything ‘vintage,’ these parts have become harder to find and the values have increased substantially. If you initiate a search on eBay for Hondaline ATC headlight guards, you might be shocked at the prices these parts are fetching. Depending on the ATC model, pricing begins around $80. If you’re looking for a mint condition Hondaline headlight guard for a 1985-86 ATC250R, current asking price is as much as $400.

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