Like the ATC, Here's Another Exciting Honda Three-Wheeler that Undeservingly Received a Bad Rap


Honda 1974 Kick N Go Scooter

Honda’s Kick N Go Scooter – it was a toy of dreams in 1974. It had three wheels and was powered by a foot propelled chain drive, so kids could get around faster than walking. But why did it become such a classic?

The Honda Kick N Go scooter was ahead of its time and gave kids a real-life adrenaline rush they couldn’t find anywhere else. It didn’t require a foot on the ground to get up to speed like traditional scooters. Some called it the original ‘hoverboard’ as it had no pedals, or handlebars that would turn like other scooters at the time. You turned it by leaning, like a skateboard. A hand brake clamped down on the rear tire to slow it to a stop. It didn’t require a lot of maintenance, so there wasn’t much to worry about for parents either.

Unfortunately, the popularity of this iconic toy didn’t last long. Much like motorized three-wheelers, the three-wheeled scooter was discontinued in the mid-1970s due to safety concerns.

Still, for those who grew up in the 70s, memories of this legendary toy remain strong – and it will live on through its unique design and innovative features. Despite being pulled from the market, the Honda Kick N Go Scooter continues to inspire vintage collectors with its radical technology. Dave Wiley of ATC Addiction owns the fine collection of Honda Kick N Go Scooters you see here.


Honda's 1974 Kick N Go Scooter

So, if you ever had the chance to experience this legendary toy back in the 70s, consider yourself lucky. The Honda Kick N Go scooter will forever remain cemented in history as the original ‘hoverboard’ with awesome power and style.

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