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Viral Goggles
Viral’s 2023 Signature + goggles are loaded with features, including a hard-coated, injection-molded lens with no fog, a lens that locks into the frame, and a 50mm-wide strap. Good stuff!

Viral has recently expanded its reach by using distributors worldwide to get their goggles to more people. The brand focuses on specific features that many goggles lack. When most people purchase an expensive pair of goggles, they expect to be able to replace the lenses and tear-offs for at least a few years. As they enter their 8th year in business, it’s nice to see that they made it through the pandemic era and are continuing to push ahead to make a quality product.


The fit of the frames in our helmet was on par with any of the upper-echelon goggles we’ve tested. New in 2022 was the introduction of sweat-wicking holes in the foam that divert sweat into a channel and away from your face. On the side of the frames, pass-through cut-outs for glasses poles allow those who wear them to fit inside the goggles, within reason, of course.

Viral Goggles
Face foam that removes from the goggle with magnets is the most unique feature of the Signature + goggles. Quickly swap on a clean, dry foam between motos.


Truthfully, some of the brands we’ve tested have lenses that are so delicate that even cleaning them will cause scratches. We expected more for the price of these goggles, and we got it! We’ve put roughly 20 hours into the pair we’ve been testing and tried to keep them protected and clean using a standard cloth meant for cleaning goggles. That said, the original lens has remained fairly scratch free.

Viral uses the lens specialist REVO’s coated lenses in their goggles, and the smoke lens we used were ideal for most of the daytime desert riding we did. As for the field of view, we never felt like our peripheral view was being limited, which is critical and what you’d expect from a goggle of this price.

The solid tear-off post never failed when testing the tear-offs, even though we didn’t need them in Southern California. Aiding in clarity is the No Fog Technology of the REVO lenses. We are happy to report that they do not fog up easily and would rival any other brand we’ve tested in that department.

Viral Brand goggles Ron Lechien JT Collaboration
Keep an eye out for the Ron Lechien Edition JT Racing collaboration pair.


You can replace just about every component of the goggle, including the straps and foam. The foam frame that meets your face is magnetically attached to the main frame and can be replaced in any way you need. You can have multiple straps if you want to carry one on a wet day to replace or wash. They offer up to 20 different color straps if you need to change your style at any point.

A locking mechanism holds the lens in the frame, which is perfect if a rock were to fly up and hit them or a tree branch. You’ll want to take your time learning how to put the lens in and out because it can be slightly confusing initially. We would like to see a locking mechanism on more brands, so kudos to Viral for that feature.

viral brand goggle case


Unique features, comfort, and field of view put these high on our list of premier goggles to consider. On top of all that, they offer an awesome carrying case you can put up to four pairs in with dividers for each goggle and compartments for tear-offs and cleaning supplies.



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