Vito’s pistons and cranks

Vito’s new improved Banshee 4mm Stroker Long Rod and Short Rod Premium crankshafts

PRICE: Starting at $459.95


All include keyed center shaft for easy rebuilding. Trued and welded with Polished Rods and free crank seals! 

Vito’s, the Strongest Forged, Moly coated Banshee 68mm big bore piston available to date

PRICE: $94.95 Each

Comes with 3 different pin locations,


 * +2 mm for short rod 4 mm stroker cranks, spacer plates no longer are needed!

 * +6 mm for long rod crankshafts, up to 64mm stroke.

 * 9 degree Blaster dome angle for maximum horsepower

 * 50 percent thicker intake bridge and skirt,

 * 1mm heat resistant, flutter free rings for high rpm engines.

  * Fits any 68mm big bore cylinders up to 465cc from Vitos, CPI, Trinity & Athena.


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