Wash-15 Whip Mounts

An essential safety accessory required by law in many dune areas are safety whips topped with brightly colored flags to increase a rider’s visibility and prevent collisions. We think they are a great idea and never ride without them. On the downside, if you’ve ever rolled your ATV or UTV and broke your whip/flag, then you know how hard it can be to reinstall the broken whip. This is a whip mount that requires no tools to mount a new or replace a broken whip. Two halves of machined, 6061-T6 aircraft-grade billet aluminum clamp together with an easy-to-use butterfly nut to securely hold your whip in place.

Installing the Wash-15 whip mount can easily be done on any ATV and UTV with a standard 1/2-inch-diameter receiver hole. They offer two multi-size versions of the whip mounts for drivers and riders at $29.99 for 1/4 inches and 5/16 inches, or $34.99 for 5/16 inches and 3/8 inches. Furthermore, you can carry an extra whip you found that someone lost, or carry an extra one for yourself or a friend. The patented clamping technology and butterfly nut make remounting new or broken whips quickly and easily with no tools required. No matter how bad the break is or how badly frayed the whips are, mounting is a breeze.


The Wash-15 mount got installed on our test machine just as you would any other whip mount. We were very impressed with how simple and easily it was to mount a whip using the butterfly nut. We used a frayed whip to see how well the clamping force was, and the frayed whip stayed on just as if it was a new one. If you were to break a whip and need to extract the broken part, you can do so with just a few turns of the butterfly nut to easily extract the broken part, unlike other whip mounts where you would need needle-nose pliers or other tools. Reinstall your now broken whip and tighten the butterfly nut, then you’re back to riding in seconds.

Fixing a broken flag whip with the Wash-15 gets you back on the trail riding in seconds rather than minutes, and if you’re like us, then you’d rather be riding instead of wrenching. Wash-15 has a great product at a great price, and best of all, the product is made in the USA. The Wash-15 mount weighs in at 3.9 ounces, so it’s very light and durable. They come in seven different anodized colors—red, black, green, pink, blue, gold and silver—so you can match them to your machine. To order your Wash- 15 whip mount, go to www.wash15offroad.com, or give them a call at (949) 285-6315.

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