Water Drifting 400EX 4X4

We have seen numerous custom and crazy machines over the years, and they seem to be getting crazier and more custom in every way. We spotted this spectacular machine that started life as a Honda 400EX that later got transformed into a four wheel drive 600cc pit skimmer. The heart of the stock Honda 400EX was removed and transplanted with a Honda CBR600RR engine, a Polaris Scrambler 4×4 front diff was mounted to give power to the front wheels creating a four wheel drive. Transferring power to the front differential, a custom chain system was made off the counter-shaft sprocket. Traction is done through 28 inch tall custom paddles made by Skat-Trak featuring 1.5inch tall scoops. This custom creation can skim across water with ease and we are sure it wouldn’t have any issues climbing the steepest dunes either. Check out the video of it in action,

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