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 Everyone here at Fisher’s ATV World is really excited about the big things happening in 2008. As of 12/31/2007, we started airing Fisher’s ATV World on the Outdoor Channel PLUS we have a second show Fisher’s ATV Adventures, starting to air on the Versus Network (formally OLN) in July ’08 through December ’08. We’ve also just launched our redesigned website to help keep you informed with what’s going on and catch the show on the web or sign up for our FREE Fisher’s ATV World monthly e-newsletter.

Last Year was very busy for us and this year will be even busier with traveling and producing two different shows. I would definitely like to thank our sponsors for sticking with us through this aggressive move. We could never put our show on television without their support. For 2008, our goal is to stay even more connected with our viewers. We want to know where your favorite places are to ride, special events going on, and any other thoughts or comments on new products to the industry. You can do this by going to the contact page of our website. We will try to reach each and every one of you. We’re looking forward to attending many ATV events and riding areas this year and meeting as many of you as we can.

Thanks for watching over the past five years and I’ll see you soon back on the trail.

Brian Fisher


Host/Executive Producer

Fisher’s ATV World Announces 2008 Programming with Outdoor Channel


Dover, PA–October 22, 2007 – Fisher’s ATV World, an adventure/lifestyle television show which has been in production and airing nationally since 2002, has entered an agreement with Outdoor Channel for the upcoming 2008 viewing season.

Fans of Fisher’s ATV World have been anxiously waiting for broader television viewing opportunities for the show. In an effort to meet growing demand, Fisher’s ATV World will begin airing exclusively on Outdoor Channel, beginning January 2008 with the release of 26 original episodes (three airs each week). Outdoor Channel caters to 30+ million households of outdoor enthusiasts.


 Monday, 5:30pm & 8:30pm EST
 Tuesday, 1:00am EST

Brian Fisher, Host/Executive Producer says of the partnership with the Outdoor Channel, “This is a great Network that’s targeted to everything outdoor. You can bet that most people watching this network either have an ATV or have ridden one before. Whether its farming, hunting, work, or play, ATV’s just fit with their viewing audience. Outdoor Channel is a leader when it comes to outdoor programming and we’re proud to be part of it!”

Winner of 10 Telly Awards in 2006, Fisher’s ATV World features host Brian Fisher on ATV excursions across the country and around the  world. Get first hand information from key industry leaders plus helpful tips and information on new product development for the ATV industry. Fisher’s ATV World hopes to expand positive awareness on safety issues, promote good family values, and encourage riders to get involved.

As well as the mentioned programming changes to the outdoor channel, stay tuned for additional news announcement regarding Fisher’s ATV Adventures programming on Versus starting July 2008.

About Outdoor Channel:

The Outdoor Channel is a network targeted to the outdoor enthusiast! They originally launched in April 1997 and currently have over 30 million subscribers, according the the Neilson Media Research – Dec. ’06. The Outdoor Channel has cable distribution in every U.S. DMA and s carried on both DirecTV and Dish Network with analog, digital, and HD service.

Fisher’s ATV World is building the dream about the possibilities of where you go and what you can do when its just you and the open trail…


If you would like more information regarding this subject, please contact:
 J.C. Asper II, Advertising & Marketing Manager @ (717) 292-2455 or email: [email protected]




It’s not uncommon in this day and age to become overwhelmed with the tasks and responsibilities of everyday life. Work, bills, getting the kid’s to practice on time and, daggonit, I forgot to take the garbage out again. As I hurry home trying to beat the trash man to the end of my drive way, I can see the flashing yellow light on top of the truck the next street over. Ok buddy, it’s just you and me. I can hear the roar of the truck coming up the street as I grab onto the garbage can. I can make it. As I wheeled the can out of the garage I really start to pick up speed. I make engine sounds as I round the corner because, well, it seems to make me go faster. Then it happened. The wheel of the garbage can starts to wobble. And as if in slow motion I watch as there is a catastrophic failure of the right wheel on the can.

 As the wheel passes me and rolls down the drive- way there is little I can do to prevent the can from toppling over. I stood there and watched as the trash man passed my house purposefully not making eye contact with me so he doesn’t have to stop and wait for me to drag what garbage remained in the can to the curb. Crap! As I cleaned up last week’s hamburger helper from the driveway I glanced over to the garage. A feeling of calm came over me. Something that made me feel better about losing the battle with the garbage man, something that made the challenge of life more bearable. There it sat, at the back of my garage, on it’s glorious four wheels of escape. And this weekend, I’m going riding.

One thing that can ruin a fun day of trail riding is a flat tire. When your miles from your home, camp or trail head, it could be a long walk for help. At this point, you don’t have many options. You can try and ride your ATV home and risk ruining the tire and rim or you can do a trail side repair. Here are a few simple steps for fixing your flat out on the trail with a commercially available tire plug kit. After you locate the hole, you’ll want to remove any debris to determine if your tire can be fixed or not. Keep in mind that large tears and sidewall punctures may not be repairable. If your tire is muddy or wet, the area to be fixed should be cleaned and dried. Next, insert he Reaming Tool into the puncture and move it back and forth rapidly, this will rough up the rubber and get rid of any debris in the hole. Now, thread a! tire plug about half way into the needle eye of the plugging tool and push into the hole until there is about 3/4 inch of the plug above the tread. Then, simultaneously rotate the tool 1/4 turn and pull out of tire to plug the hole. All that is left is to cut the plug off just below the tread height and inflate your tire to the proper pressure. If you’re using a CO2 inflator, remember to keep the cartridge upright to get the maximum yield of the cartridge. Keep in mind that any emergency tire repair should be temporary and the tire should be permanently repaired or replaced as soon as you get home. If you don’t already carry some sort of tire repair kit on your ATV, I’d seriously recommend getting one. This is one tool no ATV rider should be without. ENJOY the TRAIL

Fisher’s ATV Rides with NOHVCC

In our first show of the 2008 Fisher’s ATV World season we traveled to Big Sky country and introduced you to Dan Kleen, President of the Board of Directors and Russ Ehnes, Executive Director, of the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Counsel, better known by its acronym NOHVCC (pronounced NO-VAC).

 During our Ride with NOHVCC at the Bull Run Guest Ranch in Montana, we had the opportunity to find out how much NOHVCC does for the ATV and off-road community and how NOHVCC can help your club or organization keep your riding areas open for years to come.

Although keeping our off highway riding areas open is NOHVCC’s main purpose, they also offer many other services to the QHV enthusiasts, most of which are free for the asking. Here are just a few ways that NOHVCC can serve you!

Assistance, information, and materials for club development and management Access to a national network of OHV activists, clubs, associations, organizations,  and agencies Direct contact with experts to address specific issues Complete coordination of OHV Recreation Management Workshops Complete coordination of OHV State Association Development Workshops Access to the www.nohvcc.org website with local, state, and federal OHV  related information
An extensive library of OHV related studies and literature Information and services to assist with youth program development Public awareness and image enhancement materials OHV park development and management information and contacts Information regarding risk management Exposition booths and distribution material

 This is just a small portion of how this great non-profit organization can benefit you as an individual or your organization. For more information on NOHVCC go to: www.nohvcc.org or you can contact them by calling (800) 348-6487, e-mailing [email protected] or writing to NOHVCC, 427 Central AVE. West, Great Falls, MT 59404

We want your pictures and stories…for our Fisher’s ATV E-Newsletter. Over the last several years, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people that enjoy our show and are dedicated ATV enthusiasts! It’s always interesting to hear your ATV stories and places you ride…so why not share it with the world! We want your own personal stories and pictures to add to our Fisher’s ATV E-Newsletter!

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