What ATV Games Are We Still Missing?

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of fun ATV-related video games across a range of systems and mediums. For the most part, they’re different twists on standard ATV race simulations — though there are also games like Overpass that place more emphasis on terrain management and vehicle handling rather than pure competition. In short, ATV (and UTV) video gaming is a broader and more satisfying category than one might imagine.

Even with all of that said though, the genre of ATV gaming still feels incomplete also. Modern gaming can seem virtually limitless, which almost inevitably means that as many good ATV titles as there are out there, there could always be more. So what specifically are we missing?

Well, a few types of games do come to mind.

Pixelated Retro Mobile Game

This first suggestion may seem like a strange one. But oddly enough, as games have gotten better and graphics have grown stunningly realistic over the years, there has also been a satisfying return to retro looks and concepts. This is primarily happening in the mobile medium, where developers thrive on creating games that are interesting and unique, rather than simply advanced. Level Skip’s round-up of pixel-art games does a nice job of highlighting some of the games that make this style stand out, from In The Darkness (a point-and-click horror game) to Legends Of Yore (a rogue-like dungeon crawler). There are even some racing-related examples out there as well, such as Blocky Car Racer and Pixel Car Racer. These games tend to be well made and tons of fun, and we’d love to see one offer a new spin on ATV action.

Mainstream Casino Slot

The realm of casino slots has grown pleasantly crowded with all kinds of games covering all kinds of subjects. Mostly these games are fundamentally similar, but they do offer players fun opportunities to engage with themes of their choosing, and to live in little worlds related to those themes, making slot play more interesting. As of now, sport is a bit of a hit-or-miss category in slot gaming though. There are a few car racing games out there, and Gala Bingo’s casino games include some sort of “fringe” sports and gaming titles. For instance, this platform carries horseracing games, a boxing slot, and slots relating to other casino games; one could even argue that the game Gladiator: Road To Rome invokes a fringe sport (if an ancient one) in a sense. Because games like these exist and do perfectly well, it’s not as much of a stretch as one might expect to imagine an ATV-themed slot as well. It would fit in with other games based on sport and competition, and would offer one more specific niche for players to dive into.

Lifestyle & Career Game

There are actually quite a few ATV racing simulators that make for fairly robust, competitive games. They have good graphics, fun gameplay, and in some cases provide you with a real sense that you’re racing against other riders. However, it would still be a lot of fun to see an ATV game developer ramp things up to a level more akin to what we see in so-called “major” sports gaming franchises. In series like FIFA, NBA 2K, and MLB: The Show, players can now go to incredible lengths to customize careers, engaging in everything from apparel choices to in-game competition, to stadium design and more. An ATV game of the same caliber from a lifestyle and career standpoint would undoubtedly be a blast.

VR Multiplayer Racing Community

ATV Drift & Tricks_20171229232703


Lastly, it would also be a ton of fun to see a VR ATV game with the clout to develop a real, thriving online multiplayer community. As of now, the most prominent VR ATV game is arguably ATV Drift and Tricks — a mediocre early effort that a review on The VR Grid barely just about referred to as “awful.” There are a few other examples as well, but there’s really nothing of note — which is to say that while ATV simulation has made it into VR, it hasn’t done so in a particularly satisfying way. In time this will inevitably change, and we hope it’s by way of a strong, visually engaging racing circuit with competitive real-time multiplayer, racing rankings, tournaments, and the like. Done correctly, it would be a remarkable experience.

As established previously, there are plenty of good ATV video games out there. But additions like these would add a lot to the category, and we’d love to see them as soon as some savvy developers can make it happen!

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