— When you look in Dirt Wheels magazine you always see the coolest new machines on loan to us from the manufacturers. You see our test riders styling for the camera while putting these machines through a rigorous Dirt Wheels test across rugged terrain. However, what about the average riders across the USA? What is a normal riding day like for them? Well, let’s take a look. Here is a collection of photos taken of Dirt Wheels readers having fun at the grass-roots level. They are the heart and soul of this great sport and there would be no Dirt Wheels magazine without them.

Brian Nicely roosting up a hill on his KFX450 in Raeford, North Carolina.

Andrea Allen and her best friends having a “Girls Day” ride in their UTVs while the guys stay home.

Janet Scott shot this photo of her friend while they were riding the backwaters of Ontario, Canada.

Zach Tagge having fun on his YFZ450 at a track in Nebraska.

Jordan Mathews pulling the holeshot on his Renegade 800 4×4 at a motocross race in Canada.

Valarie Alexandra attacking the track on her YFZ450 at Breezewood Proving Grounds in Pennsylvania.

Adriana, Jasmine and Ayla Hines had fun at the Oregon Dunes in their daddy’s RZR 1000.

Randy Luckman and 17 of his buddies started from the desert floor at the California/Nevada border and climbed a long trail all the way up to the top of this mountain at 11,673 feet.

Mauricio Cervantes from San Diego racing his Honda in the Lake Elsinore Grand Prix.

Cole Wertz checking out the freestyle ramp at Breezewood Proving Grounds in Pennsylvania.


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