What’s in your Garage?

It’s something that gets a rider’s attention on an evening in the neighborhood. The pingy sound of a dropped 10mm wrench hitting the concrete floor of a neighbor’s garage. You then look over and see the light shining out from their open garage door. It’s like moths being attracted to a flame, or ships on a dark night being drawn to the bright beacon of a lighthouse. It’s an indication that there’s some mechanical activity on a vehicle taking place that you may find interesting. So, you can’t help but mosey on over to hang out in this environment of wrenches, oily rags and shop talk. It’s the natural calling of guys, especially if they ride.

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If any of my buddies happen to be driving by on any evening when I’m working on a quad with the garage door open, they always stop. Before I finish changing the oil and cleaning the air filter on a machine I’ll usually have an audience watching me. One by one the guys show up. This is especially true if I’m doing something long and difficult, like splitting the cases to replace a gear. They never really help with the wrenching, but instead look over my shoulder and offer their advice. Usually they’re standing around with one hand in their pocket and the other hand holding a beverage, which they got out of my garage fridge.

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That seems to be on the list of requirements for the proper man cave, which is another word for a rider’s garage. When you update to a new refrigerator for the kitchen, you’re suppose to move the old one to the garage. Out there it doesn’t matter if your hands are greasy when you grab the handle to open it. This is the place where hard-working mechanics get their refreshments, and it’s designated as such by placing stickers all over the front of it. A properly decorated garage fridge will pay tribute to FMF, DG, Maxima or any other ATV product you buy that includes a sticker in the package.

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So, what’s in your garage? What kind of ATVs are parked there and how many? And, what decorating touches have you added to the walls? Here are a few photos from Dirt Wheels readers of their garages. Do they look similar to yours?

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Story by D. West

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