Dear Boss,
   I have a 1993 Honda 300EX that I bought about a year ago. Whenever I do a wheelie, the motor tries to quit running as soon as the front tires drop back down to the ground. It came with a DG pipe, but the carb still had the stock jets. So, I bought a stock exhaust, but that didn’t cure the problem. I took it to the local Honda mechanic and he said all the jets were fine and the floats were not sticking. I don’t know what else to look for. I have seen oversized float bowls for dirt bikes, but don’t know if they make them for my machine. Boss, what do you suggest I do to fix this problem?
Zach Donahue
Auburn, ME.

I am surprised your mechanic did not check the float LEVEL. Knowing the floats are not sticking is nice, but I could have told you that from here in my office because you did not mention any fuel peeing out the overflow tube. Therefore the floats are not sticking! However, when you come down from a wheelie, fuel is most likely sloshing away from the jet towers and the engine runs out of fuel momentarily. So, check your float level to make sure the internal level of fuel is at or slightly above the factory recommended level. This should ensure that your float bowl has enough fuel to keep the jet towers covered with fuel when you descend from a wheelie.