As spring turns into summer, quad riders all across the U.S. can look forward to a long list of ATV festivals, rodeos, organized trail rides and assorted get-togethers of fellow off-road enthusiasts.

ATV festivals have grown tremendously in the last few years. The first few were held at remote western locations. They got the idea that by opening up the trail systems located nearby and letting people come out and enjoy them, they could combine a way to showcase the natural beauty of their area with an incentive that helped perk up their local economies. Thus the modern ATV festival was born.

They have continued to build in popularity as more people are exposed to the off-road thrills and family oriented atmosphere at these multi-day trail rides. Throw in plenty of good cooking, interesting events, some swinging bands and entertainment, and plenty of things for the kids to do, and you have a recipe for ATV success.

Here is our list of some of the biggest and best ATV festivals in the USA, along with some contact information and the dates of the events. Enjoy.


Location: Hatfield/McCoy Trails in southern West Virginia.
Dates: June 14-22.
This nine-day trail riding event is open to ATVs and motorcycles and roams the Hatfield-McCoy Trails around West Virginia. With trails that range from mild to wild, the mountainous terrain is challenging and rocky. Hosted by Sports in the Rough, a national promoters group that runs jeep and 4×4 car competitions, Dirt Week is fast becoming one of the biggest ATV events on the east coast. There are also live bands, poker runs, ATV rodeos, a mud playing area, drags, and hillclimb competitions. Camping is available at the headquarters site and there are plenty of hotels for booking a good room nearby; just be sure and call early. The costs are $58 per adult, $38 for 12 and under. This includes all event activities, eight all-you-can-eat meals, trail maps, one raffle ticket and event insurance. Note: this does not include the Hatfield McCoy riding permit fee of $35 for 7 days or $15 for a single day. Phone contact: (800) 556-2801.
Internet info: sportsintherough.com


Location: Fillmore, Utah
Dates: June 25-29
The acknowledged “mother” of all ATV Festivals. The 2003 season marks the 16th time that the Fillmore, Utah Festival has been held and it continues to draw enthusiastic riders from all over the country. There are plenty of rides and organized events at this festival, which takes in the rugged mountain scenery of the beautiful Paiute trail system. There are up to 14 different rides over the four days which are open to participants. Very family friendly with lots for everyone, including the kids, to do. Registration fees are $100 per person, $175 per couple, $300 for a family of four ($75 additional for extra family members). Registration is limited to the first 500 participants. Phone contact: (800) 441-4ATV.
Internet info: mooracing.com


Location: Wallace, Idaho
Dates: July 14-19
This six-day event is hosted by the High Mountain ATV Association, and is located near scenic Wallace, Idaho. It has a wide variety of organized events and trail rides to explore the beauty of this mountainous region of the country. There will be lots of ATV vendors and wares on display, along with raffles, barbeques, Search and Rescue breakfasts, and an awards dinner. Overnight camping is available as well as lots of local hotels to stay in (provided you contact them early enough). Adult riders cost $75, families with four or more $60 each, junder 18 $60, rodeo event only $30. Contact info: (208) 556-4308
Internet info: imbris.net


Location: Winchester Bay, Oregon
Dates: August 1-4
One of the premier sand events in America. This four-day festival is located on the coastal dunes near Winchester Bay, Oregon. Everything from pine-tree-laden sand dunes to freshwater lakes, beachfront sand dunes and all sorts of scenic sand riding is available at this site. It has also become one of the leading places for ATV vendors to display their wares with booths near the event headquarters becoming increasingly popular. There are organized sand drag races, plenty of food booths, music, poker runs, and all sorts of fun things to do in the sand. Be sure you have spark arresters and your quad can meet the sound limits that are enforced on the dunes, however (96 dB limit). There are overnight camping permits available. A one-time fee of $15 will get you into the park for the events. Contact info: (541) 271-3495
Internet info: nwmsa.com


Location: Greeneville, Tennessee
Dates: Aug 29, 30, 31
Tennessee’s Sam Gammon knows how to throw a party. He’s invited everyone to come out and participate in one of the most friendly and fun ATV festivals in America. The Honda- sponsored, United States ATV Jamboree is held in the park grounds of the Greeneville, Tennessee TT/MX track. There are nearly 400 acres of land to traverse with woods, creeks, hills, and a challenging motocross track to try out. There is also a mighty mud hole for riders itching to see how far their 4×4 can get in the muck. There is camping available at the track and restrooms with hot showers. Sam always has plenty of things for you do do at the event with raffles, rodeos, pulls, demo rides, and lots of good food to eat. Prices are $70 for adults (all weekend) $35 for non-participants and $35 for children who ride.
Contact info: (423) 323-5497
Internet info: atvjamboree.com


Location: Richfield, Utah
Dates: Sept. 15-20
If you had to pick one of the most anticipated ATV Festivals each year, the Kawasaki-sponsored Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree would top our list. This week-long series of trail rides and ATV events has grown to become one of the most talked about and enjoyed off-road festivals in the country, known for an extensive list of trail rides that offer spectacular views and awesome riding. The Rocky Mountain Jamboree navigates everything from the Paiute to the Great Western trails to the Dixie National forest to the San Rafael Swell. A monster mud bog competition, sled pull, barrel racing and a Kawasaki quad giveaway make this ATV festival a top pick for its wide range of activities and strong local business support. Registration is $125 per rider and there are openings for only 800 participants. Local hotels fill up early so contact them as soon as possible for reservations.
Contact info: (800) 639-0528
Internet info: rockymtnatvjam.org


l While we were compiling our list of the best ATV festivals in America, we found out about a whole host of other festivals that “Sports In the Rough,” the promoters for Dirt Week, will be running. Most of these Fests are either running for the first time or are events that we haven’t had a chance to check out yet.
These could very well be the newest festivals to make our top picks list next year. For more information on these upcoming events, you can check out www.sportsintherough.com

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