Where to Ride: ATV Paradise; Riding the Arapeen ATV Jamboree in Ferron City, Utah

The second Arapeen ATV Jamboree went off without a hitch and was even better than the first, held in 2003, and boasted quadruple attendance. Everyone who attended and rode the trails was of the opinion that the trails on the Arapeen Trail System offer something for everyone. There are trails for beginners and trails for the very experienced riders. Whether a person rides for the thrills or to prove his endurance, these trails please everyone. Most are both thrill and endurance rated.
Mark H. Williams, president of the SouthEastern Utah Off Highway Vehicle Club, which cosponsor the Jamboree with Ferron City and the Emery County Recreation District, said, “The Jamboree was bigger than last year and our hopes are to become just a little bigger each year.
“Everyone seemed to have a great time and the more people we can get to ride these trails and experience the beauty of this area, the better chance we have of keeping the trails open. When this trail system was formed, it was an effort to work with the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service to retain access to some of the most extraordinary scenic vistas in the country.”

Opening day at the Jamboree, September sixth, saw visitors from Illinois, Florida, South Dakota, California, Missouri, Arkansas, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, and Utah. Not only were Utahns introduced to the wonders of their own state, but many from across the country came to realize the diverse beauty Utah has to offer.
The evening of the first day of riding, the club hosted a barbecue chicken dinner and cowboy poetry on the San Rafael Reef. This location affords a person a spectacular view of the San Rafael Swell and an interesting look into the lives of the people who settled the area.

The Jamboree committee decided after the first annual Jamboree to lengthen it to five days to allow those who have come from around America to get an up-close look at even more of the awesome scenery of central Utah. Each rider was able to ride five trails in the new Arapeen Trail System and the San Rafael Swell area and still went away longing for more.
Don Wasser, of Brownstown, Illinois, arrived in Ferron after the long drive, only to meet many fellow enthusiasts who had also driven in to the Jamboree. Wasser and Larry Congdon of Granite Bay, California,  and James Simpson of Yellville, Arkansas, became friends and riding buddies for their stay. The three rode the trails together and had only great things to say about the adventure they had shared.
The trails ridden by the ATVers had the names Reeder Canyon, Fix-It-Pass, Indian Creek, Eagle Canyon, the Hole Trail, and the Poker Ride. From the high desert plateaus of the San Rafael Swell to the forested canyons of the Manti-LaSal Forest, the rides offered a variety of settings in which to ride your ATV and enjoy the magnificence of Emery County, Utah.

Fred Sorensen, of St. Charles, Idaho said, “This is a great experience for me. I had to have my ankles fused and cannot walk into places and see the country. This is the only way I, and people like me who also have some sort of disability, have to see what our country has to offer. I think it is a shame that a few people are trying to close this land and keep us out and deprive us of our rights to see what we, as citizens, own.
“Responsible ATVers, who have a respect and appreciation for this land, and have had training in the proper techniques in which to see it, will be the losers if they take away our opportunity to see the land and our access to it. What we need is a good attorney to stand up and fight for the rights of the people to their own lands,” added Sorensen.

Located in central Utah near Ferron City, the Arapeen Trail system has something for everyone. Beginners and experienced ATV riders will appreciate the natural beauty and quad-friendly populace.

Many of the people who travel the states and wish to see their country are retired, and a jamboree is the best way for them to have access to local, knowledgeable guides to point out the highlights and tell the history of an area. There is no better way to learn about an area and its high points than to attend a locally sponsored jamboree.
Beverly and Glenn Dawson, who retired in South Dakota, came to this Jamboree to see part of Utah. As permanent residents of their RV, they love to travel and see the country. They have attended many jamborees in other parts of the country, as well as in Utah, and were very pleased with the experience they had on the Arapeen.
“The guides were great, they show you where to go and help you learn a little of the history of the area. This trail system is different from the others. It is a little more advanced and challenging. It was great,” said Beverly.
A Utah resident, Sharon Sarlo, said that she had been in the area numerous times, but had never had the quality experience that she had at the Jamboree. “I intend to spend more time in this area. I would like to find a place to store my motorhome here so I can come more often,” she said.
Not only was the splendid scenery available to all the riders, but some of the indigenous wildlife was viewed. The group saw bighorn sheep and wild horses in the Swell and deer and bear sign on the mountain rides.

On the fourth night of the event, the local FFA group hosted an ATV rodeo at which the riders’ skills were tested. Pat Feeney won the event with three first place finishes. The rodeo was open to anyone who wished to compete and many local ATVers also participated.
During the final night of the Jamboree, the group was treated to a traditional Emery County lamb fry dinner. At the end of the dinner, a drawing was held and the club gave away an Arctic Cat ATV and an ATV trailer.
Plans are underway for the 2005 Jamboree which is scheduled for September 5-9, and the committee hopes to improve the event. For information about the Jamboree or Emery County, contact Mark H Williams at (435) 381-2493 or check out the website at www.arapeenatvjam.corg.

Locations: Maverick Country Store-temporary ATV permits may be purchased at
Maverik Stores, Huntington, (435) 687-9467.
Stewart’s Thriftway & Deli Castle Dale, (435) 381-5660.
Maverick Country Store-Deli, and Gas
Castle Dale, (435) 381-5365
Temporary ATV permits may be purchased at Maverik Stores Food Ranch, Deli and Gas, Orangeville, (435) 748-2725.
Grant’s Food Town, Deli and Gas,  Ferron, (435) 384-2830.
Randy’s Service Shop, Stop-N-Shop
Emery, (435) 286-2333.
*Gilly’s Inn and Convenience Store
Ferron, (435) 384-3333.
*Singleton’s Trailer Park, Ferron, (435) 384-3379.
*Millsite State Park, Ferron, (435) 384-2552.
*Village Inn Motel, Castle Dale, (435) 381-2309.
*ATV repair and parts-High Velocity Sports Huntington, (435) 687-7678.

A secluded 435-acre lake at the mouth of scenic Ferron Canyon awaits visitors who love water-oriented activities. Millsite State Park also offers access to excellent off-highway vehicle and mountain bike riding areas. Fishing is open year-round. A nine-hole golf course is adjacent to the park. Park amenities include a boat launching ramp, sandy beach, 20-unit campground, two group-use pavilions, drinking water, modern rest rooms, showers and sanitary disposal station. Millsite State Park is located four miles west of Highway 10 near Ferron.

This beautifully landscaped state park is 237 acres of boating, swimming and fishing fun. The park is located just outside Huntington on State Route 10 at the base of the Wasatch Plateau. Facilities include 22
camping units, numerous picnic sites, modern rest rooms, showers, sewage disposal station, boat launching and a large covered group-use pavilion.
Out-of-state residents who operate or give another person permission to operate their off-highway vehicle (OHV) on any public land, trail, street, or highway in Utah must pay an annual OHV user fee. Nonresident permit fees go toward OHV programs to further enhance riding opportunities in Utah. Non-residents owning an off-highway vehicle (including all-terrain vehicles, off-highway motorcycles, and snowmobiles) shall pay a $30 annual OHV user fee. Owners receive a decal and registration card. The decal must be displayed on the OHV and the registration card must remain with the vehicle at all times.
OHVs currently registered or states that offers reciprocal operating privileges to Utah residents or OHV’s attending a state sponsored Jamboree are exempt from this requirement: Non-residents that do not meet the exempt requirement may purchase Decals at all Maverick Country Stores. Listed below are states that offer reciprocity privileges therefore they do not need a permit if they are registered in these states: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont.
All Resident and Non-Resident operators eight through 15 must possess a Utah OHV Education Certificate or a riding license from their state of residence. Operators 16 and over must have a valid driver license or OHV Education Certificate. For more information, please call (801) 538-7433 or 800-OHV-RIDE