Who's Up Next in the UTV World?


With the release of the new Honda Talon and recent rumors of Kawasaki following close behind, we’ve started to wonder what the next big thing will be for the UTV world.
Will it be a Kawasaki sport model? Maybe a turbo or 4-seat Wildcat XX? An electric UTV that mimics engine noises for more fun? It’s hard to predict what will be next for the offroad world, but a brand we didn’t recognize popped up on our radar not too long ago.

Rebel West Powersports out of Gilbert, AZ appears to be attempting to make their mark with a new UTV called a Rebel. It comes in two and four seat versions, and it sort of resembles a Roxor. The two seat Rebel features an 812cc motor with a whopping 53 horsepower, while the four seat model clocks in at just over 1000cc and 68 horsepower. As you can see from the numbers, they have different motors. The Rebel2 has a 3 cylinder 4 stroke motor, while the Rebel4 has an extra cylinder to handle having more machine. These models do however have some similarities.


The push button 4WD has limited slip in addition to both front are rear differential locks on both help you get in and out of any situation.  “Independent double swing arm suspension, front and rear with adjustable shocks provide maximum comfort and handling prowess” according to the company’s website vehicle descriptions.

Although this machine may not seem to match the standards of some of the current top line brands, it might just make a big debut in the offroad community. We’ll be on the lookout for the outcome of the Rebel, and any other promising UTVs on the horizon.

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