Why Everyone – Including F1 Drivers – Love ATVs


We all love ATVs

At first glance, there may not be too many similarities between hurtling around an F1 track in a state-of-the-art racing car and riding the local dirt rack on a battered ATV. We all know about the excitement and enjoyment to be had from ATV – and UTV – driving. But would an F1 driver really be interested in an ATV after sampling the sheer power of his day job?

Well, it might surprise you to learn that many F1 drivers have been very honest about their love of ATV and UTV off-roading. Some of the biggest names in Formula 1 betting markets, such as Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas, have been known to enjoy riding quads in their off time. But what can an ATV give a top motorsports professional that an F1 car cannot? And why does just about everyone love riding quad bikes?

Simplicity Rules

The complexity of a modern F1 racing car is breathtaking. Although every driver has a backup team helping them every step of the way, part of the skill that it takes to be one of the elite is to be able to concentrate on so many aspects of driving at once. And all at over 200 mph.

So it is not really a surprise that your typical F1 driver might treat the simple automatic transmission and controls of an ATV as a welcome break. That’s also why so many other non-professionals love getting on a quad. They are so simple to control that they are the perfect choice for newcomers.

Go Anywhere

The attractions of ATV riding have to include the ability to take your quad just about anywhere. Sand dunes, trails, mud – there is nowhere you cannot take an ATV or UTV. That ability to explore has all kinds of people jumping on a quad and taking off into the great outdoors.

That feeling of freedom has to be attractive for F1 drivers too. As much as it must be exhilarating to race an F1 car around the most advanced circuits in the world, it is just the same course over and over again. Why wouldn’t a pro want to get off the beaten track and discover something new on an ATV?

Just Enough Adrenaline

For the uninitiated, ATVs and UTVs provide a decent adrenaline rush that has most people coming back for more. Switching on the engine and revving the engine is almost a primal experience for many and really gets the blood pumping as you ride around a track.

It is probably fair to say that those levels of adrenaline are not quite as high as those experienced by an F1 driver as they take the checkered flag in a Grand Prix. But there is still a buzz of excitement for anyone getting on an ATV and even just a little bump of adrenaline will suit these speed junkies.

Taking it Easy

The other side of the adrenaline coin is that riding ATVs can be extremely peaceful and relaxing. After the intense competition of an F1 season, it is understandable that the drivers would rather take it easy than keep at the same tempo off the track. An open plain and an ATV sounds like the perfect solution.

The stability and functionality of an ATV are why many newcomers to motorsports and vehicles opt for them instead of bikes. They are perfect for all ages and levels of experience and offer the ability to take things at your own pace, rather than having to meet time targets in a kart or car.

A Family Affair

We just mentioned how all ages can figure out and ride an ATV without too much tuition and that gives everyone – including F1 drivers – a chance to spend time with their family but still start an engine on their days off. It must be nice for those professionals to see their kids following in their motorsports footsteps.

For anyone who enjoys taking the family out into the great outdoors, an ATV or UTV is perfect for making it a family affair. Different sized vehicles can be used by children to make sure that everyone sticks together and has a good time. Riding an ATV when you are young might even inspire a career in motorsports in the future.


Even F1 drivers like to hop on an ATV

The Thrill of a Motor

As a reader of this site, you will probably need no convincing when it comes to motors. The noise and the power of ATVs are part of the attraction and there is something very satisfying about turning a motor on and letting it purr until you are ready to take off.

It almost goes without saying that an F1 driver has motors coursing through their veins. As much as they would want to get away from the track and relax after a tough season, it is likely that they will still want to hop on a bike or an ATV just to get that visceral thrill. You may not have many things in common with the multi-millionaire F1 racer you watch throughout the year – but a love of motorsports and ATVs might be one similarity.


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