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Each vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle, has its own unique identifier — the VIN code that allows you to find out just everything about the means of transport. This number is assigned to the vehicle by the manufacturer and serves as its ID. Every driver must know how to determine the VIN of the car, what information can be obtained from it, and how to check the motorcycle by the VIN.




Why Is the VIN Code So Important?


In the early 1980s, motorcycle manufacturers were puzzled by the need to standardize the data about the vehicles they produce. That’s why a unified code structure has been adopted by companies globally. According to the accepted standard, VIN-code means a 17-character inscription consisting of letters of the Latin alphabet (uppercase) and Arabic numerals. All the structural characters are divided into 3 groups: WMI (3 characters), VDS (6 characters), VIS (8 characters). Important: in the VIN code, Q, O, and I letters are never used not to be confused with the similarly looking numbers — 0 and 1.


With the VIN code, you can get a detailed FAXVIN report about the vehicle if you know how to work with this type of ID. This is how the code can be read:

  • WMI — These are the first three letters (digits) of each VIN code providing the information about motorcycle manufacturers;
  • VDS — The second part of the VIN code consists of six characters. This group of characters indicates which particular model the motorcycle belongs to;
  • VIS — This part of the code is located from 10 to 17 positions. The first character of the VIS group indicates the year when the motorcycle has been manufactured. The second number or letter is an indication of the factory, while the remaining 6 characters are the serial number of the vehicle.

If you are not able to read the characters from the VIN code, you can always reach out to dedicated specialists who have should experience and expertise in this question.


Why Should You Decrypt the VIN?


There are several cases when you cannot go without the VIN code:

  • When buying an original spare part for your motorcycle, you will need to provide a VIN code of the vehicle it will be used for. Only knowing it, you can purchase a spare part completely identical to the one that was installed by the manufacturer;
  • If you decide to buy a pre-owned motorcycle and need to know everything about it, just ask for a VIN code and pass a free VIN check. Thus, you will find out if the motorcycle was in an accident, when and where it has been manufactured;
  • It may be necessary to decrypt the VIN code to find out what equipment the vehicle has been originally designed for, what is provided for by the manufacturer, engine power, security system capabilities, and additional functions.

The VIN number is the first thing you should know about your motorcycle, but not all Internet resources provide true information on decoding the ID. If you want to find out true information about your vehicle, turn to the true professionals of this business, and a full description of your car will become available to you in the shortest time.

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