— A look at what Dirt Wheels readers ride —

 By D. West

Brandon Becker’s Honda TRX545R.


Keenan Damery’s Suzuki LT-R535.


Eric Matheney’s Kawasaki/Honda 450.


Time tends to go in circles, and history will eventually repeat itself. That seems to be happening now in the sport quad world. It’s similar to the early 1990s when the manufacturers stopped development of their high-performance quads and quit selling them, except for Yamaha. The aftermarket business began to boom as ATV enthusiasts turned to them to keep their older machines running strong and even improving them. Today, the suppliers of 450 quad parts and accessories are once again doing what these hop-up shops did 25 years ago.

Jonathan Maurin’s Raptor 700 Turbo.


Shawn Crain’s Cannondale Moto/Blaze 440.

Sport quad riders are maintaining and improving their older rides, and this is clearly evident when you look at the machines they have in their garages. A while back we asked Dirt Wheels readers to start e-mailing us photos and information on their rides, and they did indeed respond. We were pleasantly surprised by the large volume of mail we got and how impressive their quads looked.

It’s time for us to do another feature article on the machines Dirt Wheels readers ride, so start sending photos and info on your rides. It can be 4×4 quads as well as sport quads, and UTVs too. Include your name, city & state and email it to [email protected]

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