Why we own all-terrain-vehicles

— Having a blast in the snow —

By D. West

— It’s that time of year when the weather becomes colder and we transition from autumn to winter. For Southern California riders, it means they get to spend more time riding in the desert and sand dunes, which are too hot at other times of the year. For riders in other parts of the country, it means they may have to deal with snow on the trails.



The good thing about quads and UTVs is that they’re able to travel across snow very effectively if it’s not too deep. In fact, it can be downright fun to slide around in the snow while maintaining control of your machine with expert precision. This is just another reason why we chose to buy an all-terrain vehicle.


If you normally leave your quad or UTV in the garage during the winter, you’re missing out on some fun. There may be a weekend coming up when the conditions are right for you to adventure out for a wintertime ride. It just requires some extra preparations and some warmer clothes. As motivation, I’m providing some photos here of other Dirt Wheels readers having a blast out in the snow. Just like the song says, “Oh, what fun it is to ride.”

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