ROSSVILLE, Ind. (July 22, 2007) — Sunday’s AMSOIL Wild Cat Open Championship proved pivotal in the 2007 WPSA PowerSports ATV Tour as winners returned to victory lane, and the Pro points leads changed hands.

In the end, Chad Wienen won his fourth SuperQuad Pro 450 final, and Chris Borich earned his fifth QuadTerrain Pro Stock win in six attempts this season. Meanwhile John Natalie, Jr. took the lead in the SuperQuad Pro 450 championship, while Jesse West grabbed the top slot in the QuadTerrain Pro Stock points chase.

The races will be telecast on ESPN2 on Sept. 7 at 3 p.m. EDT.

Wienen (No. 44 Team Rockstar, MSR, Pro Taper, Yoshimura/Suzuki), after two difficult races in Virginia, bounced back here. After qualifying second, he took the lead at the start, and easily walked away from the rest of the field.

“The last round was kind of rough for us,” said Wienen. “We went back to the drawing board and picked it up. My team just stepped it up and made it happen for me.”

Natalie (No. 13 Elka, Maxxis/Honda), who suffered severe leg and chest injuries in a crash during practice earlier this season, was ecstatic to be back in the points lead after finishing second. Pat Brown (No.

199 Golden West Cycles/Yamaha) finished third.

“I was busted up pretty bad,” said Natalie of his injuries. “I had a torn sternum, as well as ACL and MCL injuries. We just kept fighting.

I rode through the pain, we came back, and now we’re in the points lead–which is where we belong.

“This takes a lot of heart,” added Natalie of his privateer effort. “I don’t have time to do anything else. All day long, I just work on bikes and ride. I eat, sleep and breath racing, and now it’s starting to pay off.”

Borich (No. 2 Warnert Racing/Can-Am) performed a similar feat in the QuadTerrain Pro Stock final, leading all but one lap to nab the victory, his fifth this season. Chris Bithel (No. 6 Warnert

Racing/Can-Am) battled Borich throughout the race and finished second.

“I’m just having a great time,” said Borich. “Can-Am and Warnert Racing have just put an excellent ride underneath me. Everything has just worked out well.

“This was one of the best races this year,” added Borich. “It was just so close. Ultimately, it worked out well.”

West (No. 888 West Racing/Arctic Cat) finished third, and took the points lead. The rider known as the “working man” has overcome adversity, injuries and bad luck to net the top spot in the championship.

“This feels great,” said West. “Our goal was to take the points lead this weekend, and we worked hard to fulfill that goal. We finally had some good luck. We got through the starts cleanly, and just had fun.

“It’s been a tough road,” added West. “We had the points lead going into Illinois, and had trouble there. Then, we went to Kentucky and had two bad crashes, one of which hurt me pretty badly. I’m just now feeling 100%. So, I’m feeling great.”

Special award winners were:

SuperQuad Pro 450

The QUAD Magazine Holeshot Award ($1,000): Keith Little (No. 12 Lonestar/Honda) Biggest Mover ($500): Little


QuadTerrain Pro Stock

Holeshot Technologies Rock’n’Roll Award ($1,000): Borich Biggest Mover ($500): Andrew Langston (No. 24 Suzuki)

Other winners during the weekend were:

SuperQuad Pro Am: Greg Gee (No. 10 Fox Shox/Honda) A Class: Charles Moore (No. 331 Cernic’s/Suzuki) B Class: Chase Snapp (No. 122 K&N Yamaha of Tulsa, OK/Yamaha) C Class: Jeremy Hobbs (No. 04 Fox’s Cycle/Yamaha) Women A: Angela Butler (No. 1 LoneStar Racing/Honda) Women B/C: Michelle Suciu (No. 5 Wheelz Up Racing/Suzuki)

16-24: Greg Gee (No. 10 Fox Shox/Honda)

Plus 25: Dane Heilman (No. 07 JPMX/Honda) Plus 35: Bill Marsh (No. 14 Honda) Open Amateur: Dane Hellman (No. 07 Hiper Wheels/Honda) Production Lites: Jeffrey Rastrelli (No. 28 J&J Motorsports/Honda) 0-50cc Limted Auto Clutch CVT 4-6: Jordan Digby (NO. 88 OMF Wheels/DRR) 0-50cc Production Auto Clutch 6-8: Kyle Stuckey (No. 56 Pittman Racing/Cobra) 51-70cc Production Auto Clutch 6-11: Nicholas Gennusa (No. 15 Zebu Forno Bakery and Cafe/Honda-Cobra) 0-70cc Shifter 6-11: David Nevrotski (No. 24 Rath Racing/JB-Cobra) 71-90cc 2 Stroke, 75-125cc 4 Stroke 8-11: Jesse Skvarek (No. 32 Kymco


71-90cc 2 Stroke, 75-125cc 4 Stroke Production 12-15: Aaron Beer (No.

707 JB Racing/Cobra)

90cc Production CVT Belt Drive 8-15: Caston McConnell (No. 204 Sunoco


75-125cc 4 Stroke Production 8-15: Grantt Darnell (No. 128 Scott Cain


90 2 Stroke Modified 8-12: Brian Kinczfogel (No. 106 Janssen Motorsports/Honda)

Supermini: Jeffrey Rastrelli (No. 28 Hetrick Racing/Honda)

Complete results are available at

The next race for the PowerSports ATV Tour, the Raceway Park National, is scheduled for Aug. 18-19 at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, N.J.

About the PowerSports ATV Tour

The PowerSports ATV Tour is North America’s premier professional ATV racing circuit, featuring QuadMX, QuadTerrain and SuperSport Pro series action as well as more than 20 amateur classes for adults, women and children. The Tour is sanctioned by the World PowerSports Association, North America’s most respected snowmobile and ATV sanctioning body, and a promoter of ATV and snowmobile racing on both the regional and national level. For more information, please visit


EARLYWINE FUNDRAISERS…The WPSA ATV community came out in force over the weekend in Indiana to raise funds for the family of fallen racer Chris Earlywine. An auction organized by Shannon Miller of Miller Racing raised more than $2,000 for the family. David Screws, editor of ATV Racin’ Extra, raised more than $500 for the family from sales of his magazine.

MEDICAL HELP…Screws volunteered to have his head shaved in the Suzuki pits and raised more than $1,000 in donations for Dr. Ragon and the Mobile Medical Unit.

COUNTRY GAL…Women A Class runner-up Krista Marie earned best WPSA finish this weekend. Krista recently released her new CD, “Bring it on.” The self-described “rockin’ country” CD is available at

GBC MOTIVATES…GBC Motorsports donated a set of tires to Trauma Care Emergency Services, the Official Safety Team of the WPSA PowerSports ATV Tour. The tires were used on the team’s custom 6X6 safety rig.

“Early in the weekend, the track was very muddy,” said Lewis McClain, head of Trauma Care Emergency Services. “Our old tires would have never made it. Those GBC tires made the difference between being stuck in the mud and us being able to do our jobs. What a great set of tires!”

RINGERS ROLLS…Ringers’ Gloves, the Official Work Gloves of the PowerSports ATV Tour, unveiled its new Rescue Gloves here. The new gloves will be utilized by WPSA’s Safety Team during the balance of the season.

BROWN RETURNS…Pat Brown (No. 199 Golden West Cycles/Yamaha) returned to WPSA competition this weekend, after a short hiatus. Brown last competed on the WPSA circuit in June at Oklahoma.

NEWCOMER…Steve Runkel (No. 911 Rath Racing/Honda) made his WPSA SuperQuad Pro 450 debut this weekend.

FIREFIGHTERS…The WPSA Safety Team made a splash off the track this weekend when it out out a small fire in a Meijer store in downtown LaFayette, Ind. The team was shopping when the fire broke out.

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