Wienen Grabs Overall Win at Red Bud ATV MX

Wienen Grabs Overall Win at Red Bud ATV MX

Buchanan, MI (August 1, 2010) – Chad Wienen took his first overall win of the 2010 season

Photo By: Michael Roth
Wienen (44)

aboard this Motoworks Can-Am during round 10 of the AMA Pro ATV MX championship at Red Bud in Buchanan, MI. Baldwin Motorsports/PEPs Josh Upperman took the win over the field in moto one with the current points leader, Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Josh Creamer in the second spot, and Wienen in the third spot. In the second moto, Wienen was able to pass through the field to take the second moto win, and the overall with 3-1 finishes. Creamer’s 2-2 scores for second overall put him 40 points ahead in the 2010 ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship standings going into the final round two weeks from now at Loretta Lynn Ranch.


“This weekend at Red Bud was very exciting,” Wienen said. “This win was a long time coming, but everyone has been working really hard. You know, that’s what it takes to be on top, a lot of hard work and you have to have a lot of fun. I definitely had a lot of fun here at Red Bud.”


Photo By: Michael Roth
Creamer (9), Wienen (44), Upperman (20)

Wienen started his weekend on a high note when he won the $100 Fastest Qualifier award over the field on his last lap of timed qualifying. This award would set the stage for a good day for Wienen at his favorite track.


Wienen may have gotten the fastest qualifier award, but it was Upperman making it count in moto 1 when he earned the $250 holeshot award. With Upperman off to an early lead, Creamer battled to keep up throughout the moto, with Wienen coming through the pack to set pace behind Creamer. Creamer continued to reel Upperman in, but was unable to make the pass, giving the Baldwin rider the victory. Creamer was second and Wienen third.

“My bike was set up really well this weekend and we were able to pull the holeshot and lead the entire race,” Upperman said. “Creamer and Wienen were coming hot and heavy behind me but I was just hoping I could stay ahead and keep pushing myself, and I did.”

Moto two started with Creamer earning the second $250 holeshot award. As Creamer leaped out to the early lead with Upperman on his trail, Wienen was battling for track position from back in the fifth spot. Just shy of the halfway point, Wienen turned up the power and immediately passed his way to the front of the pack. Within just two laps, he has taken over the lead and would go on to win the second moto.

“I stayed behind Creamer for awhile, but Chad Wienen was on it and I could tell he really wanted the win” Upperman said of Wienen, who was unbeatable in the second moto. “I settled in for third, and was really happy with that overall.”

Creamers finish in the second overall with second in both motos, which earned him an additional 10 points over his teammate, Dustin Wimmer. Going into the final round, Creamer is beginning to feel confident that he will be the 2010 Champion.

“Coming into this weekend at Red Bud, I had some struggles training, but we set our sights high, and came out with a strong second overall,” Creamer said. “My Rockstar Makita Suzuki was working really well, and I now have another 10 points on Dustin and that much closer to the championship. I’m really excited going into Loretta’s.”

In the Pro-Am Production class, Chase Snapp held on to his points lead over Joel Hetrick with the overall win. In the first moto, Joel was able to grab the holeshot and the $100 Idol Speed Holeshot award and take the win ahead of Snapp. In the second moto, Aaron Meyer grabbed the $100 Idol Speed Holeshot award, but Snapp quickly worked his way to the front. Snapp was able to continue to lead and take the win over Hetrick. With this overall win, Snapp is now 20 points ahead of the field.

The series concludes with the ATV Dirt Days National at Lorretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN, round 11 of 2010 ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship on August 14-15.

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AMA Pro ATV Results

  • 1. Chad Wienen (Can) 3-1
  • 2. Josh Creamer (Suz) 2-2
  • 3. Josh Upperman (Hon) 1-3
  • 4. Dustin Wimmer (Suz) 5-4
  • 5. Jeremy Lawson (Suz) 4-5
  • 6. Greg Gee (Hon) 6-6
  • 7. Jermie Warnia (Can) 8-8
  • 8. Richard Pelchat (Can) 9-9
  • 9. Patrick Brown (Hon) 10-10
  • 10. Nick Denoble (Hon) 16-7

AMA ATV Motocross Championship Pro Point Standings

1. Josh Creamer (445); 2. Dustin Wimmer (405); 3. Chad Wienen (341); Josh Upperman (341); 5. John Natalie Jr (338) 6. Thomas Brown (274); 7. Jeremy Lawson (270); 8. Patrick Brown (227); 9. Jeremie Warnia (208); 10. Nick A. Denoble (186).

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