Well, here’s something you don’t see every day. We’ve seen scooters and we’ve seen quads, but how often do you see the two machines merged into one? Our Dirt Wheels contributor got the scoop on this Quadro 4 while checking out the new model EICMA show in Milan, Italy recently.

Scooters are quite popular in Europe and Quadro is a company in Switzerland that makes unique machinery for that particular crowd. Instead of two-wheelers though, they focus on three and four-wheelers that lean while going around turns. Their latest new model for 2018 is the Quadro 4 Steinbock, which they describe as an adventure machine. Therefore, it was designed to be more off-road worthy with dirt tires and better suspension.

The Quadro 4 Steinbock is powered by a liquid-cooled, 346cc, 4-valve, single cylinder, 4-stroke that’s tuned for a reliable 23 horsepower. It uses a CVT to deliver power to each rear wheel separately. Since both rear wheels lean there are separate swing arms and axles creating the need for a unique system to provide drive.

This 4-wheeled scooter leans by what they call a hydraulic tilting system which means it probably works like a steering damper on a sport quad. Such as, smoothing out any twitchiness we suppose. The price for the Quadro 4 in Europe is around $10,000 euros. In case you’re wondering, that would be in the neighborhood of $12,000 dollars. However, as far as we know at this point, they have no plans to sell this Quadro 4 Steinbock in the USA.

A view of the separate rear axle drive belts.

Looks like it’d be fun carving turns, but you wouldn’t want to do the double-jumps on this machine.


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