PRODUCT TEST: Trinity Racing Wildcat 1060

The Arctic Cat Wildcat delivered huge suspension numbers when it was released in 2011, touting 17 inches of travel in the front and a terrain-devouring 18 inches at the rear end. The motor choice was logical, as the 1000cc trend is booming right now. Their 951cc, V-twin H2 engine was shoehorned into the Wildcat’s tubular steel frame. When we first tested the Wildcat, we weren’t thrilled with its straight-line acceleration. The 951cc engine promised to make exciting power, but it felt lackluster compared to the Can-Am Commander 1000 and RZR XP 900. In our testing, the feelings were solidified, as the Wildcat routinely lost our drag-race runs by many car lengths. With all this suspension, we needed the power to push it, so we called up Trinity Racing at (909) 987-4213.


The stock V-twin has a 92mm bore and displaces 951cc. It dyno’d at 67 wheel horsepower and runs 11:1 compression. The Trinity big-bore motor uses a billet cylinder kit that pushes the bore to 97mm and the compression ratio to 12:1. Web Cam Stage II camshafts are used with Web Cam high-performance valve springs. The head is then ported and polished to free up more horsepower, and Trinity bolts on their Stage IV dual-exhaust system. Fueling is controlled by a pre-programmed but adjustable Trinity Racing fuel controller. Once the motor was built and broken in, it was strapped on the dyno again and produced a whopping 101 horsepower at the rear wheels with 73 foot-pounds of torque (stock is 48). To make use of this power, an aftermarket clutch kit must be used, like the one from the experts at D&P Performance (D&P is reachable at [435] 586-5172).


We took the Wildcat out to our secret test track in the hills and ran it against a bone-stock unit. At first, we tested them both on the stock clutch. The Trinity-powered machine would leap out ahead and keep pulling on the stocker until it reached the rev limiter and never looked back. The power became even more apparent uphill or in deep sand. The 1060cc Wildcat would walk all over the stocker and laugh at big hill-climbs. When it really starts to wake up is with the clutch kit; when tuned right, it has serious pinned-to-your-seat performance that will have you smiling ear to ear. We would recommend doing the clutch upgrade before any motor work, as that is the weakest part of the Wildcat’s performance package. And, you will be much happier with Trinity’s motor package if you tune the clutch correctly, because it’s a screamer!


V-Twin Big-Bore Billet Cylinder Kit (1060cc) Not offered any longer…$1699.99
Trinity Racing Fuel Controller…$245.99
Web Cam Stage II Cams…$373
Web Cam Valve Spring Kit…$95
Trinity Racing Head Porting………$395 per head
Trinity Racing Stage IV Dual Exhaust…$899.99
Pro Armor Wildcat Doors…$649.95
PRP Wildcat GT Seats…$395/ea
PRP 5-Point Harnesses…$139…per harness
STI HD3 Wheels…$85/ea
STI Black Diamond 26x10R-12 tires…$124.60/ea

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