After getting an up-close look at Dustin Nelson’s factory Yamaha YFZ450R, I thought it would be cool to look back at some of the other factory hardware that I’ve shot this year. Photos of Josh Creamer’s Kawasaki appeared on dirtwheelsmag.com a few months ago and in the July issue of Dirt Wheels I wrote a story on riding Dustin Wimmer’s Yoshimura Suzuki. The Suzuki, as it turned out, is the most “works” of all three, with a number of unobtainable parts. With the coming of fuel injection, there are levels of communication between the race team and the factory that were unheard of years ago. The team downloads data from the track and sends it to the factory for analysis. During the race itself, no data is collected, but that day is coming.
      These photos show the intimate care that goes into the building of Dustin’s machine, from the heat resistant tape on the airbox to the insulated fuel line. Even the head is signed by the man who ported it. Check out the photos and be sure to pick up the July issue before it disappears from the newsstands.

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