Winner Winner: UTV World Championships 2018

Defending Best in the Desert Series champion Phil Blurton scored his first victory of the season, winning the Polaris UTV World Championship powered by Monster Energy. Driving a Can-Am X3, Blurton finished first in the Turbo class, ahead of Ryan Holz, Dustin Jones, Jacob Carver and Bill Zemak. Dodge Poelman won the Production class, while Cody Bradbury finished first in Sportsman, and Australian racer Brett Comiskey won the Unlimited class.


“Another flawless UTV World Championship for us,” exclaimed Blurton. “This car really excels here because the whoops are so big here and the chatter bumps are so rough. With all of the wheel travel it has, it just soaks it up. This put us back into a really good position in points right now. As long as we can stay on track, we should be in the hunt for another championship.”



Dustin Jones won the short course portion of the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship. Driving his S3 Powersports Can-Am X3, Jones finished first overall and first in the Turbo class. Shelby Anderson scored her first-ever Pro victory, driving a Polaris RZR in Production 1000. The event was part of the Best in the Desert Series.


“We got the car fired up, got into the desert first, and tried to run a pace that conserved the car but kept us up front,” said Jones. “We got into traffic pretty quickly, but the wind was blowing, the conditions were good, the track was rough, and the car was running hot. The track was rough; it was the roughest I’ve ever seen it. The infield was fun, but the backside Fox Proving Grounds were torn up. There were cars scattered everywhere and a ton of carnage. A fast conservation is what we had figured out to get to the finish first.”


Top 5 Unofficial Results from the FOX Short Course Championship Race
1. #4507 Dustin Jones – 55:28.945
2. #4513 Branden Sims – 57:46.412
3. #4539 Logan Brezina – 58:28.256
4. #4521 Jacob Carver – 58:30.814
5. #4521 Cody Bradbury – 59:15.744

Top 5 Unofficial Results from the Walker Evans Turbo Championship Desert Race
#944 Phil Blurton – 03:07:27.066
#964 Ryan Holz – 03:14:14.267
#978 Dustin Jones – 03:14:29.502
#936 Jacob Carver – 03:19:20.611
#935 Bill Zemak – 03:22:05.753

Top 5 Unofficial Results from the Naturally Aspirated Walker Evans Desert Race
1. #1962 Dodge Poelman – 03:15:04.272
2. #1902 Jeff Obering –  03:18:03.074
3. #1907 Mike DeLey –  03:18:51.708
4. #1927 Joe Loomis – 03:19:42.278
5. #1895 Kaden Wells – 03:26:58.368

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