Fine Tune Your Quad with Wiseco

The time to be outdoors is now and the race season is well on its way.  A Wiseco fuel
management controller will allow you to fine tune your EFI fuel delivery to maximize the performance of other modifications to your ATV/ UTV, such as high compression pistons, exhaust, intake, or camshafts.  Wiseco is now introducing its new line of fuel controllers, available and ready to ship for select Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki, and Yamaha models.  These controllers are simple to use, with no dyno or computer needed!  With the touch of a button,  you can easily adjust three basic zones of operation, similar to a carburetor- a “pilot jet” zone to set your idle and cruise; a “needle jet” zone for acceleration; and a “main jet” zone for heavy loading and wide open throttle.  To find exact model information, go to Wiseco.com.  Wiseco fuel controllers retail at $249.95.

Wiseco Piston Co.



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