Racer Elite's new new connecting rods

By the staff of Dirt Wheels


Wiseco has grown its portfolio of high-end performance offerings by adding an all-new connecting rod to its growing line of Racer Elite products. Using F1 engineering tactics and industry-leading design software, these rods have been tested and trusted by the world’s elite-level builders and racers.

Over three years in the making, Racer Elite connecting rods were designed in-house and developed through extensive R&D, both with Wiseco’s in-house engine dyno and on the Supercross and Motocross circuits. At the start of 2019, Wiseco began working closely on fine-tuning Racer Elite connecting rods with Dean Baker, head of engine development at the time for JGRMX and 20+ year veteran of professional race team engine building and tuning.

“Wiseco did a really good job of designing a rod that wasn’t going to have major failures or issues right out of the gate,” commented Baker. “I didn’t have to re-work the first or second iteration, it was more of a progression. Some of those minor changes came in the finish work, where we were dealing with a prototype part. The revisions have been passed on to the consumer.”


During testing, Racer Elite rods were put through an initial 20 hours of durability testing before being moved to an additional 30 hours of in-depth and real-world testing. These tests even involved taking engines well above their OEM RPM limit to ensure sustainability in extreme conditions. “Proving out a part is an evolution, where you sneak up on being confident in a part or question it if failures occur,” stated Baker. “We did not have any failures with the Racer Elite connecting rod, so my confidence is high.” Wiseco spared no expense every step of the way in the development and production of Racer Elite connecting rods. Proudly made in-house in their Mentor, Ohio manufacturing facility, Racer Elite rods are made using proprietary steel forgings and are subject to several heat-treating methods, ultimately resulting in a high-strength part capable of delivering extended service life.

Racer Elite connecting rods are precision CNC-machined and held to tolerances as tight as one ten-thousandth of an inch in certain areas, and also feature a rolled-in bronze bushing in the small end, oiling slots and passages in both ends, and carefully tested surface finishes. Each and every Racer Elite connecting rod goes through in-depth inspection in Wiseco’s in-house quality control lab, using CMM equipment to measure all key dimensions. The measurements and weight of each rod, along with a unique serial number, are recorded on a specification sheet and supplied in the box with each rod.

“The number-one benefit is the quality of the materials used. The OEM rod is a good part, but it’s also built specifically for what the stock horsepower output and RPM range is. If you’re using a Racer Elite rod, it’s taking a step up in allowable performance. It offers higher strength and quality, which are necessary to push the limits of what the engine can do in terms of horsepower and RPM,” concluded Baker.


Wiseco’s Racer Elite connecting rods are available for most newer model Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna and Suzuki motocross-specific four-strokes, as well as the Honda TRX450R and Yamaha YFZ450R ATV applications. Every Racer Elite connecting rod kit includes the rod, OEM-quality crank pin, big-end rod bearing, and thrust washers where applicable. The rods are also available with slide bearings – or “plain” bearings – for certain OEM-equipped applications.

For complete technical details on Racer Elite connecting rods and a list of available applications, visit blog.wiseco.com and check out the Racer Elite product video on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

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