The Glen Helen round of WORCS  went down over the weekend and in the PRO ATVs it was another win for Beau Baron. This has been Beau’s year; he’s been undefeated since the muddy first round, when his teammate Davi Haagsma took first. In the six rounds since then, the Beau express has been non-stop.
   The Glen Helen round was notable for several reasons. The Dirt Wheels staff was involved in the course lauyout, which included a brutal sandwash and a tricky WorcsCross log-and-tire section. Also, the ATVs were treated to better course conditions than normal because they were run before the motorcycle pros.
   Robbie Mitchell pulled the holeshot, but it wasn’t long before Baron was out front. Haagsma settled into second with Yamaha’s Dustin Nelson in third–a familiar arrangement in the current WORCS pecking order. Josh Row was a solid fourth throughout the race. For full results, go to www.worcsracing.com.
The log section was carnage on the second lap.
Davi Haagsma is getting faster with each round, and already is the fastest west-coast motocrosser.
Dustin Nelson on the water-hole jump.
Josh Row was solid in fourth throughout the race.
Robbie Mitchell pulled the Pro holeshot but ran into trouble early in the race.
 Dillon Zimmerman was one of the lucky riders who got routed into a motorcycle-only section in Saturday’s practice.

Pit strategy is essential in WORCS.

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