Travis Damon and Braxton Grosse are making him earn it!

Video credit: MotoEffex

In less than two weeks, the final round of the 2023 WORCS season will arrive. Unlike recent years where Beau Baron already had the championship sewed up, 2023 is too close to call! Last weekend at Round 8 in Mesquite, Nevada, 1st year pro Honda rider Braxton Grosse made it to the top of the podium – again! ATVMX Pro Max Lindquist gave Grosse a run for the money with a close second place finish on his Yamaha, and Yamaha rider Travis Damon squeezed Baron out of the final podium spot. It’s the first time in a while we’ve seen Yamaha dominate the pro WORCS podium. Currently, Baron has a 7-point lead over Damon for the year end championship, but anything can happen. Our guess has Baron riding conservatively to avoid a DNF while keeping Damon within his sites.

Pro Podium

  1. Braxton Grosse – 9 laps – 3:26:32
  2. Max Lindquist – 9 laps – 3:25:57
  3. Travis Damon – 9 laps – 3:28:36

In Pro-Am, point leader Gage Leaver got the holeshot, but Cole Fryar put a wild pass on on him on the first lap at the step-up jump at the top of the big hill leaving the MX track. You can watch the pass at 3:30 in the video. Unfortunately, Fryar had issues on the third and fourth laps that put him behind for a for a sixth place finish. Fryar actually has more 1st place finishes than any other Pro-Am racer, but two DNFs and a lousy finish at the first round are no match for Leaver’s consistency. With one round left for the year and a 26-point lead over second place, Leaver appears to have the championship in the bag.

Pro-Am Podium

  1. Gage Leaver – 8 laps – 3:26:09
  2. Wyatt Rock – 8 laps – 3:31:41
  3. Rylan – 8 laps – 3:36:04

The series moves on to the ninth and final 2023 round at Taft, CA October 20-22, 2023.

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