WORCS Rnd 6 track, Pala Mx is closed for business.

WORCS Rnd 6 track, Pala Mx is closed for business. 

Pala Track closure means WORCS Rnd 6 will move to Iron Mine MX in Cedar City, Ut presented by Triple S Polaris.   

  Triple S Polaris 

We have known of the track closure for about a month and wanted to see if the issues that caused the closure could be worked out before any decision would be made on what to do. As soon as we were notified a location replacement search began. WORCS never raced in July until the Pala track became available in 2012 since Pala Mx enjoys coastal air flow that keeps temperatures manageable. No other SoCal location would be manageable.


Many ideas and scenarios were bounced around but ultimately racing all the rounds on separate weekends is the most appropriate choice. Doing double points rounds or any other modified version just does not fit the WORCS model. We understand the distance in driving is an issue but not having a location where it would be 115 degrees to race was a major factor. Low 80 degree temperatures are what we expect at Iron Mine.


The course that was selected to replace Pala is Iron Mine MX in Cedar City, Ut. The track sits at 6,000 feet and has a great motocross track and an excellent GP off road course. The weather is very good in July as well. Lastly the family that owns the track are WORCS racers so they know what to expect and are very excited to host the round. 

It was a difficult process but I want to thank a few companies that have stepped up to make the event happen. Triple S Polaris will be the event presenting sponsor and the following companies have also worked hard to make it happen. Kolob Air, Bullock Construction, Cedar City Corp., The City of Cedar City. There are some more behind the scenes that want to stay that way. 


Track Fast Facts   

  1. Very much the GP format course
  2. Pro only Section with obstacles.  
  3. Excellent motocross track with over under bridge!!
  4. Water is not an issue ever. 
  5. The course length will vary between 3 miles to 5.5 miles.  
  6. Great Concessions at the track. 
  7. Come share the first race back after summer break and get your fast on.

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