This last Saturday the WORCS racing semi was lost in a catastrophic fire while en route from our home base in Utah to Washougal, Wa. The race semi was an iconic symbol for WORCS and carried the very lifeblood of our program. Every tool, computer, trophy, banner and wood stake was lost in the fire. Over the last two days the WORCS troops have rallied and pulled together all the essential things to make sure this weekends event will happen. Sponsors have stepped up and the Huffman family at Washougal Mx park have been very gracious in lending their hand. Lastly the racers have been there offering whatever they can. The road ahead is going to be a slow rebuild but it will happen over the next couple of months. On behalf of the WORCS staff I want to thank everyone for the calls and support. When you come this weekend just say hi and enjoy the best off road racing in the world at the epic Washougal motocross park. Having our racing family around us this weekend is the best step forward. WORCS will rise from the ashes and it begins this weekend. See you at the races.

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