We have been watching BVC build some amazing trikes over the past decade but this one tops it. 

  This project started off as a Honda 450cc dirt bike that was being built for Binky’s Forever ATC Museum  in Virginia. However, Binky had one special request to make it the worlds first three wheel drive ATC. So with the the help of Christini AWD the guys at BVC  fabbed up an incredible work of art. When we make it back to Binky’s again, this will be one machines we request to test out. Stay tuned.

Check out the incredible unmanned, Christini Hybrid ATV HERE.

Editors Note: We do not condone riding any ATV on the pavement. The BVC guys do have a road in front of their shop that they doo a few rips on when they get thier builds up and running. Again, we do not condone this practice. However, this machine has the full street legal kit installed for riding on roads in the state of Arizona.

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