Riders in bad situations

— Hey, it happens. It’s part of riding. You come up to a mud hole on the trail and you have to use your masterful skill to claw your way across. However, sometimes your machine comes to a stop and no amount of forward and reverse will make a difference. At that point you just have to accept the fact you’re stuck. So, what do you do? Well, first get your mind set right, because the only difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude. Getting your machine unstuck is part of the fun. And, while having that fun you need to take a picture of the situation and share it with your Dirt Wheels buddies.

That’s what we have here, a collection of “Worst Stuck” photos that Dirt Wheels readers E-mailed to us. We need to update the collection with some new muddy mayhem. So, everyone please gather up your “stuck in the mud” photos and E-mail them to us at [email protected]



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