Yamaha Receives Invitation to ATV OPEN


Morgantown, WV — Yamaha Motor Corporation’s Donnie Luce looks forward to the ATV Open Invitational at Steel City with five rider invitations.extended.
Yamaha ATV/Offroad Coordinator Donnie Luce
Donnie, how do you feel about the ATV Open Invitational?
DL: I think it is a great idea to try and bridge the gap between both forms of Pro Racing. It is a huge opportunity for the ATV Pro riders to showcase their talents on a similar track as the motorcycles. In addition, it will allow both types of fans an opportunity to attend a single event and see both forms of racing, thus bridging the gap between both markets.
The Miller brothers are included in the Pro class. What brought them there?
Hunter turned Pro earlier this year while Cody will be making his Pro debut. As you are aware, we had a select amount of spots. We decided to send our Factory supported guys, Pat Brown, Travis Spader and Richard Pelchat (Yam of Canada.) The fourth spot was going to go to Dustin Nelson, but he broke is leg and will not be able to attend. Since we had a relationship with the Miller Brothers, and they have produced positive results for us, we wanted to give them an opportunity to experience this event and learn from the best.

Cody Miller of Greenville, TX
Second overall in Pro Am at ATV Dirt Days
How do your other riders stack up against the top Pros, in your opinion?
DL: Currently our program is gaining momentum due largely in part to the hard work that Pat Brown and mechanic Paul Turner mechanic have put in this year. We have made some major improvements during this year, and I believe we haven’t reached our true potential yet. One thing that I am truly impressed with, is the amount of information that each of our riders and mechanics are willing to share with fellow competitors or Yamaha customers. We have a young group of riders and believe we will have riders capable of reaching the podium on a weekly basis for years to come.

Paul Turner shows Pat Brown the fast line
Third place overall in the series
Any predictions on the event, or outcome?
DL: Well, I would really like to see a Yamaha rider win this first ever event, and if there was any more Yamaha riders on the podium that would be a bonus. I believe it is going to be a very good show for those present and those who will see it on TV.

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