Dillon Dixon teamed with Darrell Patton to win the 2011 Yamaha Six-Hour
The Yamaha Six Hour was held as scheduled Sunday. That’s nothing extraordinary for most races, but this particular event has literally been under a black rain cloud for years. Weather has taken its toll on the Six Hour, forcing it to be cancelled, rescheduled and otherwise caused turmoil in recent runnings. But all six hours were held consecutively to close out the 2011 ATV racing season at Glen Helen, and there was only a little rain.
      Darrell Patton and his young partner Dillon Dixon were the riders who made the best of the weather and the racetrack. They led most of the race on  their Greenball Tires Honda with a nearly flawless race. The only close call happed around the halfway point, when a bolt came out of the Honda’s cam chain tensioner, causing the motor to loose most of its oil. It was corrected quickly, and the engine was refilled. In the course of the race, there were only two other teams to hold the lead. Steven Albert took over when the Patton/Dixon team was sidelined, but eventually had to return the position when Patton got his quad up to speed again. Albert held on to win his class (Business) and earn second overall. Early in the race, the star team looked like it was going to be the Honda 700 crew of Scott Fisher, Gary Jones and Justin Jones. The younger Jones (Justin) set the fastest lap times of the entire event early in the day and looked  like he was going to make a quick getaway. But a set of broken handlebar clamps sidelining them for over a lap. Later in the race, they had a several flat tires, but still climbed back up to sixth overall due almost entirely to Justin’s time in the saddle.
      Gary and Justin Jones weren’t the only family crew, although some families were spread over several teams. While Roy Bloodworth was riding his Yamaha to first in the Open Sportsman class, his Daughter Brittney was riding with her mom in the family class. And his son in law Derek Mcguire was riding a Yamaha 450 Grizzly in the Utility class. But the winner of the Family class was Halley Druan, who actually finished two laps ahead of the rest of the class. For full results and lap times, go to www.glenhelen.com
1 Darrell Patton (1st Open Expert)
2 Steve Albert II (1st Business)
3 Roy Bloodworth (1st Open Sportsman)
4 Scott Melville (1st Over 40)
5 Chris Ryan (2nd Business)
6 Gary Jones (3rd Business)
7 John Pezzi (1st Ironman)
8 Ray Aldama (4th Business)
9 Dan McGrail (2nd Open Sportsman)
10 Eric Hernandez (3rd Open Sportsman)
Justin Jones set the fastest times of the day on a Honda 700XX.
Roy Bloodworth won the Open Sportsman class and had his whole family spread out in other classes.
Steven Albert held the lead briefly, but had to settle with second O/A and the Business class win.
Brittney Bloodworth and her mom were second in the Family Class.
Jim Duran and his two-stroke were fun to watch. They set some amazing lap times.

 Donn Maeda returned to his ATV roots and carried his team to second in the business class.

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